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Uli Hoeneß comments on rumors about Alphonso Davies



Uli Hoeneß comments on rumors about Alphonso Davies

Uli Hoeneß is not worried about a possible exit from left-back Alphonso Davies. “I haven’t heard anything of the sort from Alphonso,” he said at Bayern Munich’s Tegernsee training camp.

In recent months, Davies’ advisor Nick Huoseh has repeatedly spoken of the interest of top European clubs in his client. Among other things, Real Madrid is considered a possible buyer of the 22-year-old Canadian, who is tied until 2025.

“He has no influence on what consultants do to earn their money,” said Hoeneß about the left-back. “I am confident that he will stay with us for a long time. This eternal extension? I’m totally calm about it.”

Davies switched from the Vancouver Whitecaps to Bayern Munich in 2019 and has mostly played on the left back for the past four seasons. He missed the final stages of last season due to injury. Davies has been working with advisor Huoseh since they were young.

“His advisor supported him as a young talent back then in Edmonton. He drove him to training and even trained with him. Fortunately, Alphonso has remained loyal to him to this day. He has resisted the advances of larger consulting agencies,” said Vancouver’s German Managing Director Axel Schuster recently in an interview with SPOX and GOAL. “I like to demonize advisors because many are out for their own gain, but that’s not the case with him.”