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Uli Hoeneß criticizes ARD and ZDF



"Amateur Association" DFB must ensure EM mood

Uli Hoeneß, Honorary President of FC Bayern Munich, has again reported from ARD and ZDF criticized around the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“If I were FIFA, I would ARD and ZDF no longer give World Cup rights,” said Hoeneß at an event on the sidelines of the broker and multiple agent fair in Munich.

Like the 71-year-old a few weeks ago in the sports1-Doppelpass explained that for him the coverage of the public broadcasters was too little about football and instead too much about politics. “Human rights were discussed up until ten minutes before the first game. Of course they’re important – I’m a great friend of human rights. But at some point the moment has to come when it’s about football,” said Hoeneß.

In his eyes, there was “no question” that “many problems had to be solved” in Qatar, Hoeneß said once again. However, the FCB honorary president emphasized: “As bad as the German media made the World Cup in the run-up to … That deprived the public of a wonderful experience! It gets on my nerves how Germans are currently all over the world We have enough problems to solve ourselves.”

However, Hoeneß is subject to a fallacy: FIFA has not granted any rights to it ARD and ZDF sold. Ultimately, the rights partner was Deutsche Telekom, which in turn made 48 of the 64 games available to the two public channels via its own sublicense.