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Uli Hoeneß takes responsibility for trainer Julian Nagelsmann



Uli Hoeneß takes responsibility for trainer Julian Nagelsmann

The honorary president of FC Bayern, Uli Hoeneß, has made coach Julian Nagelsmann responsible. He also reveals how Munich almost signed Freiburg’s Christian Streich and why he changed his mind about Robert Lewandowski.

According to Hoeneß, the FC Bayern coach has a lot of work to do in the form of spicy talks with players who are not currently playing first fiddle. “Julian’s main task will be to keep this huge, great squad happy, to manage to keep the spirits high, which won’t always be easy,” said the 70-year-old sky.

Hoeneß has liked his team’s start so far. “The way the team has played in the two important games so far made my heart ache. It was pure entertainment, it was real fun,” said the Honorary President. “You noticed that a lot works, not to say almost everything. You can tell that the team enjoys the game, it has kept improving, everyone is running, everyone is ready to help each other,” says Hoeneß already enthusiastic about the team.

Hoeneß said again that the coach from SC Freiburg, Christian Streich, was an issue at Bayern. “We thought about bringing him to Munich. I was one of the people in charge there because I liked trying this story,” he revealed. However, the Munich team lacked the courage to hire one of their “favorite coaches”.

Hoeneß now evaluates the farewell to Robert Lewandowski differently after he “couldn’t imagine” a few months ago “that there is an amount that would make us weak”. FC Barcelona could “save an offer,” he said. Ultimately, the Pole switched to the Catalans for €45m plus bonuses.

“I always thought it wouldn’t have been bad [wenn er geblieben wäre]”Hoeneß confirmed. “But how it developed in the end, how the behavior of our fans towards Robert has changed, has clearly changed my opinion,” he admitted. “And now I think it’s the same for both sides better.”