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Uli Hoeneß talks about the FCB fans’ poster protest



Uli Hoeneß talks about the FCB fans' poster protest

FCB Honorary President Uli Hoeneß speaks about the poster protests by Bayern fans in the game against PSG. Hoeneß again takes a position on a possible transfer of Tottenham striker Harry Kane. Here you can find news and rumors about FC Bayern.

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FC Bayern Munich, News: Uli Hoeneß speaks about the poster protest by FCB fans

A poster appeared in the south stand of the Allianz Arena before the second leg against PSG on Wednesday. On it was written in French: “Our butcher slaughters the long arm of Qatar”. Honorary President Uli Hoeneß could be seen with a raised middle finger, holding a bloodstained butcher knife in his hand, with which he cuts off an arm. In addition, a shattered PSG logo and the name of the unloved sponsor Qatar Airways could be seen.

Across from sky Hoeneß now commented on the protests of the Munich supporters: “I don’t notice anything like that in the stadium. I look at the field and not in the spectator stands. You always have to differentiate: you can’t say “the south curve”. The south curve is 12,000 people . And I think a small group of 30 people downstairs did that.”

Hoeneß emphasized the right to freedom of expression: “We live in a democracy where everyone can express their opinion, whether it’s right or not. I let them have their opinion and I hope they let me have my opinion and I can live with that just fine .”

FC Bayern Munich, News: Uli Hoeneß on the win against PSG

Hoeneß also spoke about the 2-0 win that brought FC Bayern to the quarter-finals of the Champions League against Paris. When asked whether it was a special satisfaction for him to have won against a financially well-funded club, Hoeneß said: “We don’t always have to talk about the money. The fact is that Paris are of course one of the best teams in the world, with these superstars. I think all of us at FC Bayern can be proud that we were able to witness this evening, because in the second half it was almost a demonstration.”

Hoeneß continues: “I’ve rarely gone home so happy.” So how big are FCB’s chances of winning the premier class? The longtime manager said: “You can’t forget Real Madrid and Manchester City. There are five or six really strong teams in the top eight. In the quarter-finals you can be knocked out by anyone. A lot happens in a game. It’s very important that we play in reached the quarter-finals this year after losing to Villarreal last year. Now we look to the draw with confidence.”

FC Bayern Munich, News: Uli Hoeneß on a transfer from Harry Kane

Hoeneß already expressed his opinion on a transfer from Tottenham’s Harry Kane to Bayern Munich in January. “He’s a great player,” said Hoeneß, “but that’s an order of magnitude – I know that Manchester City dropped out at 140 or 150 million last year and I can’t imagine that these are amounts that FC Bayern want to pay or can.”

From sky Hoeneß was now asked about striker Kane. He emphasized that he was only a small part of such a decision: “There’s nothing over my desk. I’m one of nine supervisory board members who have a say in the executive committee for large expenses of over 25 million euros. And I have my personal private here opinion expressed.”

However, Hoeneß also said that he could imagine a transfer “that can cost around 100 million” at Bayern. When it came to Kane, he remained skeptical: “He’s almost 30 years old and last year Tottenham rejected Manchester City’s 160 million offer. That’s why I said, in this case, it would be gaga if Bayern would approach such a transfer.”

So would Hoeneß veto a Kane transfer on the board? “I would give my private opinion. I’m one of nine and if the other eight say it will be bought, then it will be bought. That’s how it is in a democracy,” said Hoeneß.

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