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VfL Wolfsburg – Kovac avoids Kruse: “It’s boring”



Niko Kovac

In the goalless draw of VfL Wolfsburg against Schalke 04, Max Kruse was again on the bench for 60 minutes. After the game, Wolves coach Niko Kovac reacted evasively to questions about the 34-year-old. A rather strange interview ensued.

“I don’t always have to comment on every player. It’s boring. It’s the same every time. We want to talk about football,” said Kovac sky-Reporter Jens Westen, who asked the Wolfsburg coach about Kruse’s performance against Schalke. As a result, a bizarre exchange of blows developed between the VfL coach and the reporter.

Kovac had already spoken about Kruse’s current standing within the team before the game. “There are two ways to play your way into the team: a good training performance or a good game,” said the 50-year-old. “The past never counts, it doesn’t count for him, it doesn’t count for me, and it doesn’t count for anyone, so I have to evaluate the now.”

Kruse was only on the bench against FC Schalke 04 for the third time in a row. Overall, the ex-national player completed only 90 minutes this season.

The full text of Niko Kovac’s interview after the Schalke game:

sky: “Before the game we talked about Mr. Kruse’s training performance. How do you rate his performance now?”

Kovac: “I think we all saw a very good performance in the second half today and it was decent in the first half.”

sky: “But that’s not an answer to the question, is it?”

Kovac: “Yet.”

sky: “Yes?”

Kovac: “But I don’t always have to comment on every player. Man, Jens, stop it, hey! Stop it, hey, don’t be boring.”

sky: “Why boring?”

Kovac: “It’s boring. It’s the same every time. We want to talk about football.”

sky: “But we’re talking about football.”

Kovac: “No of course not.”

sky: “But Max Kruse is a player at VfL Wolfsburg.”

Kovac: “But there are nine others or ten with a goalkeeper.”

sky: “But …”

Kovac: “Not but. But doesn’t exist.” (laughs)

sky: “But it’s still an interesting topic, because he was the top scorer here in the second half of the season, for example, and showed his qualities everywhere else.”

Kovac: “We talked before the game (apparently slaps the reporter, who is not in the picture, on the shoulder). I used to be a footballer too, but I can’t presume that I still play here. Therefore: What used to be, we were young then, maybe pretty. Isn’t anymore. We’re old now, wrinkled…”

sky: “Are we still…”

Kovac: “No, we are not. (Reporter laughs) It’s just like that. (Kovac laughs, shake hands) In the sense.” (goes out of the picture)