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VfL Wolfsburg – New Details: Why Max Kruse was booted out by Niko Kovac



VfL Wolfsburg – New Details: Why Max Kruse was booted out by Niko Kovac

Max Kruse was kicked out at VfL Wolfsburg because of a lack of identification with the club. Now some details have become known that explain why coach Niko Kovac no longer relies on the ex-national player.

Repeated unpunctuality and general unreliability are the reasons that led to Kruse’s exclusion from the game at VfL. That reports the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ).

According to the report, Kruse was late for training at least three times because his ICE didn’t run as planned. Background: Kruse lives in Berlin and commutes to Wolfsburg every day.

In one case, Kruse did not show up for training at all. Allegedly because of an injury, which he did not have treated by the club’s medical staff in Wolfsburg.

Kruse does not comply with Kovac’s request

According to the WAZ Kovac asked Kruse to stay in Wolfsburg from the middle of the week so that he could be better prepared for the weekend games. However, Kruse did not comply with this request.

In the context of an extremely unsatisfactory start to the season for Wolfsburg and manageable performances by Kruse at the beginning of the season, this lack of discipline may have been decisive for Kovac’s decision to no longer consider the former national player for game operations.

“Serious” injury slows Kruse down

Kruse’s contract with the wolves runs until the summer of 2023. Dissolving the working paper should not be an option for the 34-year-old. Although Kruse is no longer considered for VfL games, he is still allowed to take part in training.

However, he is currently suffering from a thigh injury, which according to the club’s announcement is “severe” but according to Kruse “not so dramatic”.