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Werder Bremen changes main sponsor at the end of the season



Werder Bremen changes main sponsor at the end of the season

As SV Werder Bremen has announced, the poultry producer “Wiesenhof” will no longer be the main sponsor of the Hanseatic League and will therefore no longer advertise on the jerseys. However, the company remains with the association in a different form.

“We have advertised our poultry brand WIESENHOF on the jersey for ten years and in the current season we used the commitment completely for our young vegan brand GREEN LEGEND. We consider our communication goals to have been achieved,” explained Peter Wejohann, the chairman of the PHW group made a statement. Instead of saying goodbye altogether, reduce commitment.

The Picture reports concrete figures. As a so-called “top sponsor”, the company is to pay Werder 1.3 million euros a year in the future. As the main sponsor, the sum was recently at six million euros per year.

The search for a successor is apparently going well. “We have been in good talks with potential candidates for some time and are optimistic that we will soon be able to announce a deal,” said SVW Managing Director Klaus Filbry in the club’s announcement.

The tabloid also reports details on the new main sponsor – it should be fixed. According to the report, Bremen’s income will increase to 6.75 million euros thanks to the new main sponsor, and the new partner will advertise on Werder’s chest until 2026. However, it is not yet known which company is supposed to put this sum on the table.