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Werder Bremen gives Tim Wiese a double ban



Werder Bremen gives Tim Wiese a double ban

Werder Bremen have given their former goalkeeper Tim Wiese a double ban. The club from the Weser confirmed a report from Radio Bremen the Picturea corresponding letter was sent to the 41-year-old.

Accordingly, Wiese received a stadium ban from Werder. He was also forbidden to play for the traditional North German team.

The background is to a report by the portal dyke room according to an incident that occurred on March 12 at Bremen’s home game against Bayer Leverkusen. However, what happened is not explained. Wiese himself is said to have already taken legal action against the decision.

The waves between Werder and Wiese seemed to have calmed down in the week before the game against Leverkusen. In an interview, the Bergisch Gladbacher had clearly defended himself against the accusation that he had a right-wing attitude.

“It is difficult to prove what I take for granted: I was not and am not a member of a politically extreme camp and will never be, neither on the right nor on the left,” said Wiese Picture said: “Right-wing ideas or racist behavior are completely alien to me.”

Werder managing director Frank Baumann responded accommodatingly: “We took note of Tim Wiese’s interview positively. It is now up to him to follow up on these words with deeds. If he does that, a return to the Nothing stands in the way of Traditionself in the next games in the summer.” But now everything has turned out differently.

Wiese played for Werder from 2005 to 2012 before moving to TSG Hoffenheim.