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Werder Bremen – Stadium spokesman Christian Stoll raises serious allegations after Aus: “Hunted from the court”



Werder Bremen – Stadium spokesman Christian Stoll raises serious allegations after Aus: “Hunted from the court”

SV Werder Bremen parted ways with their longtime stadium spokesman Christian Stoll on Wednesday. The 62-year-old then raised serious allegations against the Bundesliga promoted team.

While the club gave no reasons for the end in a brief message, it should be loud picture Stoll’s misconduct on the sidelines of the last home game against FC Augsburg (0:1) was decisive for the separation.

“I also apologized to those responsible for the club and honestly regretted my wrong behavior,” she said DeichStube from a statement by Stoll. “I made no excuses and admitted my mistake. That was all I could do. However, I was chased from the farm from one moment to the next.” This offended the stadium announcer “in my pride of being part of the Werder family and hurt my personal honor as a person”.

At the same time, Stoll admitted his gaffes in the defeat against Augsburg to referee Martin Petersen and FCA managing director Stefan Reuter: “I told the referee that he would rather whistle the district league, the member of the Augsburg management board that he had a group of unsympathetic people at the start .”

But Stoll also emphasized: “Of course I have written to both gentlemen to apologize.”

However, he suspects that the incidents in the game against Augsburg were not the only reason for the separation. “I don’t believe the management of the SVW that my faux pas against Augsburg is the real reason for this bitter end. There have recently been several disputes on different topics,” said the journalist, referring to his critical columns and comments in the Bremen media about the DFL and the DFB. Maybe he is now “too old and my style is no longer up to date”, added Stoll.

Stoll has worked for Werder Bremen since 1996, and since 2001 he has led the program at Werder home games together with Arnd Zeigler. However, Stoll was no longer there for Claudio Pizarro’s farewell game last weekend. The desire to be able to accompany this game was denied him by the club, described Stoll.