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When Pep Guardiola confused his own player with “enormous aura”.



When Pep Guardiola confused his own player with "enormous aura".

Curious anecdote from a former FC Bayern talent: Matthias Strohmaier betrayed sports1that ex-coach Pep Guardiola confused him several times. However, he did not dare to draw the attention of the star coach to the faux pas.

Strohmaier remembered: “He always called me Korbinian Burger. I had such enormous respect that I didn’t say anything. Pep had such an enormous aura. But at some point he asked about me and then he knew my name.”

The former U19 national player played for FC Bayern between 2014 and 2016 and regularly played in the second team. At that time, Guardiola also worked at FCB before he left in 2016 after three years at Säbener Straße to join Manchester City.

Strohmaier, who trained several times with the pros, raved about the Spaniard: “It’s fascinating how extremely detailed he was. He switched between the languages ​​German, English and Spanish on the training ground. You always had to think about what he wanted from you. The 2-on-1 game principle was important to him, because then you can use football to solve superior numbers.”