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Who descends directly next to Greuther Fürth?



Who descends directly next to Greuther Fürth?

Greuther Fürth is certain to be the first relegated team of the season, but which club still has to make the bitter transition to the second division?

Theoretically, VfL Wolfsburg and VfL Bochum could still slip down to the relegation rank, but actually the issue of relegation is just as through for the two clubs as it is for FC Augsburg.

The question is rather: Hertha BSC, Stuttgart or Bielefeld – who is in 17th place after the 34th matchday and has to go down straight away?

While Hertha has the best cards after 2-0 in the relegation cracker against VfB, in Stuttgart at the latest now there is a fear that you might not even be able to keep the relegation place and will actually be relegated for the third time in six years.

Or are the Swabians lucky that Bielefeld can no longer get away from rank 17? Who descends directly? What do you all mean? App users please this way!