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Why Edin Terzic is still following in the footsteps of Jürgen Klopp at Borussia Dortmund



Edin Terzic comforted his players after the final whistle.

It was a topic in Dortmund for years, now it seems over: The eternal search for a worthy successor to Jürgen Klopp. Despite missing out on the championship, Edin Terzic is following in the footsteps of the coach against whom all of his predecessors had to be measured at some point during their tenure at BVB.

Although Borussia Dortmund couldn’t break Bayern’s dominance after the emotional season finale, the majority agrees that since the era of Jürgen Klopp nobody has understood the club like Edin Terzic. He is the longed-for identification figure.

Terzic not only improved the team and almost lifted it onto the German football throne, but also cast a spell over everyone around it. The 40-year-old could not have moderated the squad, which was characterized by many ups and downs, the setbacks and the memorable rollercoaster ride in the fight for the cup, better.

In order to be dangerous to Bayern or even beat them, according to many, what is needed above all is the mentality that is often cited in connection with BVB. In addition, there should be a hunger for success and a good portion of self-confidence when appearing in public. Terzic may not always radiate these prerequisites in public perception, but he has internalized them for a long time.

A few performances showed this clearly on closer inspection. North Rhine-Westphalia is characterized by such words as he had chosen, for example, after the 3-0 victory in Augsburg, after which the championship was within reach.

Edin Terzic lives BVB like no one has for a long time

Instead of celebrating the all-important victory with leaps of joy and jubilant statements, he once again set an example of modesty. “The boys can buy anything: the next car, the next expensive vacation, the next house. But what they can’t buy is this moment. Now it’s about taking the last step to get the championship trophy back to Dortmund to get”, was the emotional reminder to his players.

The fact that it wasn’t enough in the end is probably least to be attributed to Terzic. How much he lives the club, his bitter tears zigten after the final whistle. For the first time he stood alone in front of the Yellow Wall, which had repeatedly asked him to do so, in order to celebrate him properly. After the encouraging words, there was another novelty: as a sign of his gratitude, he did a lap of honor, visibly moved. Once again it became clear that the fans believe in Terzic’s project – and he believes in the success of his heart club.

Although it feels ‘completely sucks’, according to Terzic, he is adamant about bringing the trophy back to Dortmund for the ninth time under his leadership. “In the end we were a goal away from that. Tomorrow we’ll be 34 matchdays away from that again. Then we’ll process it, we’ll get up and we’ll invest everything again at the beginning of July to make it even better than this year. (…) Now it’s again about using the next 34 match days to finally make it,” he said at the emotional press conference after the final whistle.

Edin Terzic: Impressive PK after Stuttgart fiasco

Even more impressive was an appearance at a time when nothing was decided for a long time: after the inexplicable 3:3 against VfB Stuttgart a few weeks ago. The game that BVB gave up despite being outnumbered for more than 45 minutes and leading 2-0 and later 3-2. In a parallel world in which Dortmund eventually becomes champion, Terzic’s press conference at the time could definitely be called a masterpiece.

In a monologue lasting more than three minutes, Terzic presented himself, sometimes close to tears, as honestly as never before. “There are reasons why we haven’t managed to be at the top in the last ten years. There are reasons why I’ve been so humbled recently and was criticized for it,” he said, among other things. Also striking was his admission that it would be “difficult” for him to protect his team, “because it’s so unnecessary and stupid when you see the problems we’ve dealt with since July 1st.”

The fact that Terzic struck a chord with his team at the right time was also reflected in the results. Only a 1-1 draw against Bochum was added before the draw against Mainz. Otherwise there were invariably convincing victories. Another prime example that Terzic brings with him exactly the empathy that hasn’t existed in Dortmund since the “man catcher” Klopp.

Edin Terzic: Forever connected with BVB

In a win against Mainz, Terzic would hardly have been inferior to the current Liverpool coach in terms of countable points. It would have been his second title after winning the cup during his first tenure as interim coach (2021/22). So in just a season and a half. Klopp, on the other hand, won three titles in seven years (Champion 2011 and Double 2012). This embellished balance sheet is of course small consolation, but one that should encourage us.

Terzic is even closer to Klopp’s nimbus. This was underlined by the pictures on the 34th matchday. The unconditional fan love can also be explained by his past. In a smear theater, black and yellow blood would probably flow from Terzic after an attack. Born in Sauerland, just a few kilometers from Dortmund and a regular visitor to the Westfalenstadion as a child, he started out as a scout under Sven Mislintat and youth coach at BVB at Klopp’s wedding.

After engagements in England and Turkey, he returned as a seasoned assistant coach. Even when he had moved back to the second rank without a murmur after winning the 2021 cup because an agreement had already been reached with Marco Rose, it was clear to everyone that Terzic would eventually take over the lead role.

Edin Terzic and the smeared BVB crystal ball

When this was the case after a year, Terzic sent a message to the fans that he could almost have sold as a premonition. “Let’s be hungrier than ever. Let’s work harder than ever. But let’s also be more positive than ever. And let’s be louder than ever. Then I’m sure that one day we will have a great chance to celebrate like never before. I’d be in the mood for that,” he said in the video. Unfortunately for him, the crystal ball for the 34th matchday was a bit smudged – but for how much longer?

It’s no coincidence that Terzic formed a squad in a very short time that just missed out on the championship by a hair’s breadth. The meticulousness and emotionality that he and his team display and the urgent desire to improve everything and everyone has spilled over to the entire team over the course of the season.

Prime examples would be Julian Brandt or Donyell Malen, who were already traded as candidates for sale in the summer. Emre Can was also up for grabs – they all rose to become top performers.

Edin Terzic: In search of the most beautiful day

In addition, he mastered the difficult task of not only leading Sébastien Haller, who was seriously ill in the first half of the season, to his old strength, but also finding a decisive role for him. After a disappointing first half of the season, he helped Karim Adeyemi with a tactical trick (from right to left winger) to explode. He also showed courage to temporarily impose the reserve role on Mats Hummels and most recently on Captain Marco Reus.

The great art: Terzic never lost the respect and support of the team.

Now the success in Berlin two years ago remains his greatest for the time being. At that time he spoke of “one of the most beautiful days in the life of a Borussia man”. And the signs are not bad that an even nicer one will be added in the near future. Then the lap of honor would certainly also be marked by tears of joy.

BVB coach Edin Terzic: profile

Surname Edin Terzic
birth October 30, 1982
nationality German/Croatian
BVB head coach since July 1, 2022
Points cut at BVB 2.0
Stations as assistant coach BVB II, BVB U17, Besiktas Istanbul, West Ham United, BVB
More stations Head Coach BVB U16, Technical Director BVB