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Wild exchange of blows between Dortmund coach Marco Rose and Sky expert Dietmar Hamann



Wild exchange of blows between Dortmund coach Marco Rose and Sky expert Dietmar Hamann

After Borussia Dortmund’s 3-0 win against Greuther Fürth, BVB coach Marco Rose and Sky-Expert Dietmar Hamann clash. Rose accused Hamann of always criticizing the performance of his team.

Hamann criticized Dortmund’s poor performance and said: “That was heavy fare – like the entire season. It has nothing to do with football.” For the former national player, BVB would not “play football”, but “work football”.

BVB coach Rose responded to reporter Patrick Wasserziehr’s microphone. “Didi Hamann has been nailing against us since the beginning of this season. Maybe I’ll invite him to the stadium or to me,” said Rose.

The Dortmund coach then made a defensive speech: “When you see our season up to this point and the circumstances under which we are also working, with a good squad, no question, but if you are constantly missing half, you have very few players go into the season, national players, injured, then guys keep breaking away, you can never actually play with the team you want to play with, then you can understand a few things. “

Rose continued: “We are very disappointed about the Champions League exit, but we have 34 points in the Bundesliga and have already played a couple of decent games.” Wasserziehr then intervened and said Hamann would not nail, he just gave his opinion. Rose countered: “I have a different opinion than Didi Hamann. And I say: Didi Hamann nails.”

BVB coach Marco Rose races with Didi Hamann

Then Dortmund’s coach responded to Hamann’s criticism that the performances shown could not be BVB’s claim: “We’re the only team that goes there and says: We want to dispute Bayern’s position – and this before the season, during the season , before the direct duel and still so. Everyone should be happy that there is a team that does it, that tries it, despite all the adversities we have. “

Rose also admitted that the performance against bottom line Fürth was not great: “It is clear that we have not always been able to live up to this point and that today we certainly have no chance of knocking Bayern off the throne up there. But we’re working on it, we want to do better than today. But standing up and shooting at us every week is difficult. “

Wasserziehr finally replied that he doesn’t see it the same way as Rose, whereupon the latter replied: “You also have the same employer, that’s logical. A few people from Dortmund see it similarly to me.”

Finally Hamann took out the Sky-Studio in Unterföhring once again referring to Rose’s replica and said: “I am very happy to accept the invitation.”

Hamann counters: “Greetings to Dortmund”

Then he made his position clear again: “The Dortmund team had twelve shots on goal today, the Fürth team eight. This is a team that conceded 49 goals and had four points. If they couldn’t do better, I’d be like that do not express. “

The ex-professional does not want to accept BVB’s adverse personnel problems: “I think the injury problems, the suspended players – all have teams. To blame it on the fact that they have too many injuries and never play with the same team – these problems have the most teams in Europe due to the tight schedule. They have lost seven in 22 competitive games, that is a third of the games. They are better than what they have shown over the entire season. Yes, they have won a lot of close games, what you haven’t done them in the past. You just have to start playing better football at some point. You can’t win these tight games over the long term. “

Finally, Hamann directed conciliatory words towards Rose: “Greetings to Dortmund, I am happy to accept the invitation and come to the stadium or to his home when he has a good glass of wine.”