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Windhorst probably announced a break with President Gegenbauer



Hertha BSC – Windhorst rails against club leadership: For President Gegenbauer just “a personal toy”

Hertha investor Lars Windhorst apparently announced the break with President Werner Gegenbauer internally before demanding his resignation during a live broadcast. That reports the sports picture.

Accordingly, Windhorst and Berlin’s sports director Fredi Bobic met secretly and told him that he would no longer work with Gegenbauer. He also promised not to make any negative statements in public until he was relegated. He kept that promise shortly afterwards Picture TV Broken.

“After a few months it became clear to me that it is very difficult to work as a team under the leadership of Mr. Gegenbauer. He is not concerned with bringing about the sporting success of the club, but with maintaining power. There are cliques and cliques.” , said Windhorst last Sunday and demanded: “Something has to happen, otherwise more money will be lost and there will be more problems and relegation battles.”

Windhorst also announced that there would be a new investment by Tennor Group will only give “when there are good people at the top of the club again”.

For his part, Gegenbauer refrained from a sharp reaction. “Our club can only take note of these statements by Mr. Windhorst at the moment,” said the Hertha president SID-Request: “As soon as relegation is finally secured, I will clearly state our point of view and we will factually comment on the course and environment of the investment at Hertha BSC.”

Hertha BSC: Gegenbauer is to be overthrown in May

According to the report, at a general meeting in May, at which only the new supervisory board will actually be elected, Windhorst plans to relieve Gegenbauer of his office. To do this, a motion to vote out would have to be made, which three quarters of those entitled to vote would have to agree to.

If Hertha, currently on the relegation place, relegated, Gegenbauer would probably resign anyway. “There will be no further promotion with me,” he emphasized in 2014 after Berlin had slipped into second division in 2010 and 2012.

In addition to Gegenbauer, Windhorst is also demanding the resignation of his “followers”. This includes Vice President Thorsten Manske, against the loud image a request for deselection is also expected.