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Winner of the game and BVB in the individual review



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Borussia Dortmund clearly beats SC Freiburg 5:1 and shows a sovereign performance with a majority. Two attackers in particular know how to convince BVB. The winners, losers and the black and yellow grades after success in the Bundesliga.

Winner: Karim Adeyemi

It seems as if the national player’s knot has finally burst. Adeyemi also showed a strong performance against SC Freiburg. The 21-year-old seems to be much more effective on the left side than on the other side. Through a provoked dismissal and his beautiful goal, he became the match winner. Grade: 2.

Winner: Sebastien Haller

Although the attacker didn’t make a particularly striking appearance for BVB overall, his goal to make it 3-1 led to a very special moment. Haller pointed to his shoe, which read “Fuck Cancer.” On World Cancer Day, the man from Dortmund, who had testicular cancer last year, was able to set a great example that will be remembered. Note 3.

Loser: Killiann Sildillia

In a very short space of time, he had three problems with Adeyemi in the early stages. Within two minutes, the Frenchman saw the traffic light card (yellow-red). A tough decision by the referee, but also simply not a smart entry by Freiburg. In the short time he was on the pitch, he only won 25 percent of the duels. grade: 6

Borussia Dortmund vs. SC Freiburg: The line-ups

BVB vs. SC Freiburg – 5: 1 (1: 1)

Gates 1: 0 N. Schlotterbeck (26th), 1: 1 Höler (45th), 2: 1 Adeyemi (48th), 3: 1 Haller (51st), 4: 1 Brandt (69th), 5: 1 Rayna (82nd)
Lineup BVB Kobel – M. Wolf (78th Dahoud), Süle, N. Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro – Can – Brandt, Reus (71st Reyna), Bellingham (71st Malen), Adeyemi (61st Bynoe-Gittens) – Haller (61st moukoko)
Lineup SC Freiburg Flekken – Kübler (90.+1. Gulde), Ginter, Lienhart – Silldilia, Höfler, Günter – Doan (67. Jeong), Grifo – Kyereh (60. M. Eggestein), Höler (67. Gregoritsch)
yellow cards Guerreiro (5th), Adeyemi (27th), Brandt (36th) – Sildillia (15th), Kyereh (56th), Gregorych (78th)
Yellow-red cards – : Sildillia (17.)

BVB: goalkeeper

Gregory Kobel: Freiburg was so safe in the early stages and especially when outnumbered that the Swiss was hardly challenged. He was not at fault when he conceded a goal, otherwise he observed what was happening calmly – and from a great distance. Grade: 3.5.

BVB: Defense

Marius Wolf: From the beginning with a lot of pressure in the game and some good actions. Also very alert against the ball and with some ball wins. He remained one of the assets in the second half as well, although he became less conspicuous as his teammates’ enthusiasm for the game increased. Grade: 2.5.

Niklas Sule: In the build-up game without opponent pressure, on the offensive for the first time dangerous when his shot was parried by Flekken on the post (25th) – the subsequent corner led to the goal. In the second half, against almost helpless Freiburg, he found increasing joy in attacking – not always with success. Note 3.

Nico Schlotterbeck: Not very noticeable in the initial phase, but with the most important opening goal from a difficult position (26th). Defensively sleepy when equalizing, in the second round with plenty of room for one or the other good pass. A decent performance, but without really being tested. Grade: 2.5.

Raphael Guerreiro: Three good offensive runs in the first 15 minutes, then hardly in the game. Not the main culprit in the 1-1 equaliser, but one of the players who could have intervened earlier. But at 3: 1 with a sugar cross on the head of Haller. Also involved in the fifth goal with an assist. One of his better performances this season. Grade: 2.5.

BVB: Midfield

Emre Can: Özcan blocked, other options are rare – so Can was allowed to play again on the six. At the latest when SC Freiburg was sent off, his role became superfluous. Can dropped several times between the central defenders without any pressure from the opponent, which meant that there were no passes to build up the game. He was hardly needed against the ball either. In the 1-1 equalization shortly before the break, he looked anything but good collectively with a few other teammates, because he avoided the duel rather than becoming active. Grade: 3.5.

Jude Bellingham: The most active player in midfield. Focused, wide awake and quick-witted in almost every situation. Without having the really big highlights, he was the only BVB professional in the center who threatened the Freiburg defense at least a little. The assist for the 2-1 lead by Adeyemis was again well worth seeing. Grade: 2.5.

Marco Reus: You can tell the captain needs more rhythm. Hardly had any good actions, the game tended to pass him by. In the second half he put the ball on the crossbar from two meters away (55′). Tried but unlucky. It says so on his certificate. grade: 4

BVB: Attack

Julian Brandt: Strong early phase on the right wing, where he harmonized well with Wolf and found a dangerous path into the middle on several occasions. Like the Dortmund game as a whole, Brandt then became more inconspicuous. In line with the resurrection of the team in the second half, Brandt then became more conspicuous again – including a nice goal to make it 2-1 (70th). Grade: 2.5.

Karim Adeyemi: Obviously inspired by his first Bundesliga goal on the last day of the game, Adeyemi whirled down the left flank from the start – and played Freiburg’s Sildillia so dizzily that he picked up two yellow cards within a few seconds and was sent off. Then until the break with just as little influence as his colleagues. But then with the important can opener in the second round, when he combined and executed together with Bellingham (48th). Grade: 2.

Sebastien Haller: Had some good scenes dropping into midfield and passing the ball around as a wall player. In addition, he remained rather pale in the first round. Dortmund almost never found ways to integrate the center forward. When BVB got into a frenzy at the beginning of the second half, they benefited from a strong Guerreiro cross and scored to make it 3-1 (50th). Note 3.

BVB: Substitute

Youssoufa Moukoko: Replaced Haller in the 61st minute but didn’t play much of a role anymore. Grade: 3.5.

Jamie Bynoe Gittens: Came in for Adeyemi in the 61st minute. Unlucky for a long time, but then with a nice combination with Guerreiro and Reyna, which resulted in the fifth goal for BVB. Note 3.

Giovanni Reyna: Got a few minutes from the 71st minute against overwhelmed Freiburg – Reus left the field for him. Scored 5:1. Develops into a noble joker. No rating.

Donyell Paint: Was also allowed to play for Bellingham from the 71st minute. No rating.

Mahmoud Dahoud: Substituting for Wolf in the 78th minute, the former international was still able to play a part. No rating.