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Winner of the game and FCB in the individual review



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FC Bayern Munich beat VfL Wolfsburg 4-2 in the Bundesliga, but once again lacked a lot of what caused a lot of spectacle in the first half of the season. A dismissal from Joshua Kimmich also endangered success. The winners, losers, grades and individual reviews of the FCB pros.

With the 4:2 against VfL Wolfsburg, FC Bayern Munich is back at the top of the Bundesliga. After a quick 3-0 lead, however, Munich had problems managing their result – and even almost gambled it away. The grades and individual reviews of the away win of the record champions.

Winner: Kingsley Coman

In an overall weak Bayern team, the Frenchman was able to stand out from the start. Compared to Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman is currently in Champions League form. Not only his two goals were important for Bayern, but also his calmness on the ball, which many of his team-mates didn’t have. Grade: 2.

Loser: Alphonso Davies

Again not a strong performance by the Canadian. Just ahead of the Paris Saint-Germain clash (first leg on February 14), Davies is struggling to find his form. Offensively there was one or the other strong action, but also many inaccuracies. Defensively, the left-back wobbled not only without the ball, but also in the build-up play. So he will probably be sitting on the bench again soon. Grade: 4.5.

Loser: Maxence Lacroix

Was substituted after 30 minutes. Not only because he lost the header duel when Müller scored, but also for tactical reasons. Niko Kovac switched to a back four and brought in Jakub Kaminski, an offensive player for the central defender. Lacroix freaked out – and Kaminski then scored the 1: 3 from VfL’s point of view shortly before the break. grade: 5

VfL Wolfsburg vs. FC Bayern Munich: The line-ups

VfL Wolfsburg – FC Bayern Munich 2: 4 (1: 3)

Gates 0: 1 Coman (9th), 0: 2 Coman (14th), 0: 3 T. Müller (19th), 1: 3 Kaminski (44th), 1: 4 Musiala (73rd), 2: 4 Swanberg (81st)
Line-up VfL Wolfsburg Casteels – Lacroix (30th Kaminiski), Bornauw, van de Ven – R. Baku, Arnold (74th Gerhardt), Paulo Otavio (66th Paredes), F. Nmecha, Svanberg – Wimmer (66th Marmoush), Wind (74th . Nmecha)
Lineup FC Bayern Munich Summer – Joao Cancelo (Blind 78), Pavard, de Ligt, Davies – Goretzka, Kimmich, L. Sané (Tel 60), Musiala (Wanner 78), Coman (Gnabry 55) – T. Müller (60. stanisic)
yellow cards Paulo Otavio (38th) – Kimmich (34th), Sané (35th), Goretzka (45th + 2nd), Kimmich (54th), Wanner (90th), Tel (90th + 2nd)
Red cards – Kimmich (54.)

FCB: Goalkeeper

Yan Summers: Dropped the ball dangerously in the early stages after a corner. But he ironed out a mistake by Sané with a save (35th). Blameless for the goals conceded. In the closing stages with a strong foot defense. Note 3.

FCB: Defense

João Cancelo: Back on the spot with a buttery cross, which Coman converted to make it 2-0 (14′). Involved in many good offensive moves, but part of the chain of errors when conceding the first goal. Note 3.

Benjamin Pavard: Wide awake in the early stages, twice ironed out decisively in dangerous situations. Mostly sovereign with the ball. There were no big wobbles. Note 3.

Matthijs de Ligt: Made an inconspicuous game for a long time, then came too late once and it was only 1: 3 from Bayern’s point of view. He also lost one or two duels, but caught himself in the second round and had several very strong saves, especially in the final quarter of an hour. Note 3.

Alphonso Davies: Two much too easy ball losses in the build-up after less than 15 minutes, which were not further punished by VfL Wolfsburg. In the 30th minute with another disastrous cross pass which the Wolves were able to capture but not convert. Offensively with one or the other strong dribbling. Grade: 4.5.

FCB: Midfield

Joshua Kimmich: His free kick found Müller’s head in the 3-0 (19th). In addition, he rarely found his way out of the cover shadow of Wolfsburg. But he found his way off the field in the 54th minute when he saw the traffic light card with a tough but justifiable decision. Grade: 4.5.

Leon Goretzka: Hardly a factor in Bayern’s game. Against the ball with few conquests, with the ball too often sluggish or not playable at all. Not enough for a midfielder at FC Bayern. grade: 4

Jamal Musiala: Had a couple of good moments in the first half where he showed his dribbling skills. However, he also caused little danger and so his actions mostly remained fruitless art – up to the 74th minute and an absolutely brilliant moment. The 19-year-old dribbled his way through the entire VfL back line and scored the 4-1. Grade: 2.5.

FCB: Attack

Leroy Sane: Radiated little danger and again seemed unlucky and sometimes unfocused. Bad ball loss in the 35th minute, no own conclusion, no shot on target. However, Sané cannot be denied the effort. Lots of action, but little profit. grade: 4

Kingsley Coman: Although Bayern didn’t start the game well, they quickly took a 3-0 lead. Coman, who was able to drive the game over and over again on the left, played a major role in this. His cross after nine minutes slipped straight into the goal, his direct acceptance in the 14th minute was pure world class. Also very active and involved in almost every attack. Grade: 2.

Thomas Müller: Got off to a good start in the game when he irritated Coman’s opener. The 2014 world champion scored the 3-0 himself. After that, he was missing the connection to the game. Couldn’t prevent the unrest in the Bayern game either. Grade: 2.5.

FCB: Substitute

Serge Gnabry: Was allowed to play for Coman from the 55th minute. For the most part, however, remained pale – also because Bayern defended a lot when outnumbered. Grade: 3.5.

Mathy’s phone: Came in response to being sent off. He replaced Müller in the 60th minute. Had a few more actions than Gnabry, but he also failed to create the decisive breakthrough. Nevertheless, a committed performance by the French. Note 3.

Josip Stanisic: Should stabilize the defense and was also substituted on for Sané in the 60th minute. Remained without mistakes, but also without highlights. Grade: 3.5.

Paul Wanner: In the 78th minute he came on for Musiala. No rating.

Daley Blind: On the pitch together with Wanner from the 78th minute. Cancelo went down for him. No rating.