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Winner of the game, grades and individual criticism from the BVB pros



Winner of the game, grades and individual criticism from the BVB pros

In the bottom line, disappointing 2-2 by Borussia Dortmund in the 100th district derby at FC Schalke 04, a Dortmund temporary midfielder crowned himself a derby king. Two Dortmund England imports goof. The grades, individual reviews of Dortmund and the winners and losers in the derby.

Raphael Guerreiro and Emre Can earned top marks in the 100th Revierderby, the fact that BVB still lost feathers in the long-distance duel for the championship with FC Bayern Munich and Schalke were able to celebrate the draw like a win was due to two rather long chains of mistakes in the goals conceded.

Match winner: Kenan Karaman (Schalke 04)

Substituted in the 68th minute, he helped Schalke to get a second breath. Got into the duels with great passion, finally headed the ball into the net after Bülter’s cross to make it 2-2. It was his first goal of the season in his 13th (short) mission. And at least one fan had guessed it beforehand.

Match winner: Raphael Guerreiro (BVB)

The last person who was scolded acted on the eight due to the personnel situation at BVB. Did a very good job there, was always ready to play and had good ideas. His goal to make it 2-1 was his fifth goal in the district derby. There are also three templates – since the start of data collection for the 2003/2004 season, no one has made it. Lord in the precinct.

Loser of the game: Jamie Bynoe-Gittens (BVB)

Too often wanted to bang his head against the wall, very few of his actions seemed well thought out. Only 45 percent of his passes found the teammate, and he also ruined the big chance to make it 3:1. A used day for the 18-year-old.

Schalke 04 vs. BVB: The line-ups

Schalke 04 vs. BVB – 2: 2 (0: 1)

Gates 0-1 Schlotterbeck (38′), 1-1 Bülter (50′), 1-2 Guerreiro (60′), 2-2 Karaman (79′)
Lineup S04 Ferryman – Brunner, Jenz, Yoshida, Matriciani – Kral, Krauss (74th Balanta), Zalazar (68th Karaman), Aydin (74th Mohr), Bülter – Mi. Frey (74th Terodde)
Lineup BVB A. Meyer – Ryerson, Hummels, N. Schlotterbeck, Guerreiro – Can, Malen (80th Reyna), M. Wolf, Bellingham, Bynoe-Gittens (68th Dahoud) – Haller (80th Modeste)
yellow cards
  • S04: Bruner (55th)
  • BVB: Can (90.)

BVB: goalkeeper

Alexander Meyer: Initially largely unemployed, he even saved the draw in the final phase. Note 3.

BVB: defender

Marius Wolf: Another very pleasant game by the outside player. Cleared away everything he could on the defensive, involved in almost every good BVB campaign in some way. However, also involved in both goals conceded. Note 3.

Mats Hummels: Was allowed to play again from the beginning. Launched himself into space with a tackle, then successfully tackled Zalazar and played a beautiful pass to Guerreiro in the 18th minute for what was then the game’s biggest chance, only to lose the ball rather carelessly to Zalazar. Was lucky that he didn’t take the chance, but was really awake afterwards and always on the spot. Grade: 2.5.

Nico Schlotterbeck: Dream goal to make it 1-0, but had all the time in the world beforehand to put the ball in front of a hard shot. Had a slightly unfortunate scene in the first half before when he almost invited Hummels to error against Zalazar. Couldn’t stop Frey before equalizing. Note 3.

Julian Ryerson: Only Jude Bellingham had more ball losses than the BVB full-back (12), and only just under 70 percent of his passes came through. Also didn’t bother Kenan Karaman consistently before the 2: 2. Grade: 4.5.

BVB: Midfielder:

Raphael Guerreiro: The outside player acted as eighth because of the many BVB injuries. Gave the last cross pass to Schlotterbeck’s beautiful 1-0 and otherwise had some good ideas as a connection player. Scored his fifth goal in the derby after Emre Can’s pass. Proved again and again that he is not a defender. Rating: 1.5.

Emre Can: Looked for practically every duel, perhaps also because he suspected that he would win it. Diligent ball thief, humorless clearer and secure support in defensive midfield. He was also unable to get the decisive cross pass from Michael Frey to Marius Bülter and thus not prevent the equalizer, but he more than made up for it with his well-considered pass to Guerreiro to make it 2-1. Rating: 1.5.

Jude Bellingham: His bad ball loss in the build-up game led to Schalke’s equalizer. That clouded his previously not bad, but not outstanding performance. In addition, the player with the most ball losses. grade: 4

BVB: attacker

Donyell Paint: A lot on the ball, very lively and tried hard in the first half. Used to dribble a lot, won a lot of them too, but also had a lot of turnovers. Dismantled after the break. grade: 4

Sebastian Haller: Didn’t get the ball on goal in the first half from a very promising situation, was a bit in the air overall, also because the team-mates didn’t seem to be looking for it anymore at some point. Grade: 4.5.

Jamie Bynoe Gittens: Was pretty much up in the air in the first half, winning almost no tackles and less than half of his passes found a teammate. Wanted to bang his head against the wall too often. But before the 2: 1 drew a few Schalke with him and thus gave Guerreiro the space before his goal. grade: 5

BVB: Substitute

Mo Dahoud: Came in for the disappointing Bynoe-Gittens in the 68th minute, played better than him but couldn’t prevent the equalizer either. Grade: 3.5.

Gio Reyna: Came in for the unlucky Mal for the last ten minutes and was also unable to generate any momentum. No rating.

Anthony Modest: Came in for Haller in the 80th minute and tried a header in added time. No rating.