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Winners and losers of the game as well as the individual reviews of the Borussia Dortmund pros



BVB, VfL Wolfsburg

BVB stays tuned: Thanks to a 6-0 gala at the end of the 31st match day of the Bundesliga, the Westphalians have started chasing leaders Bayer Munich.

Here is the analysis of the game.

Despite the goal festival, two players also stood out from Dortmund’s defence. Up front, two heroes in particular of the past few weeks continued their impressive run. The BVB players in the individual review.

Match winner: Karim Adeyemi

Missing a penalty and still being the hero of the game – you have to do that first. In 2023, the winger once again proved its great value for Dortmund. Against Wolfsburg, Adeyemi not only shone as a double packer and assist provider. It is his irresistible start that does the BVB game so good and keeps Westphalia in the title race. There was special applause from the south stand after the game.

Loser of the game: Marco Reus

Maximum penalty for the captain: As against Frankfurt, Reus was only allowed to play when the game was already on a safe track. There was no time to play himself to the fore or to be remembered. It is the other, younger offensive forces that are currently giving BVB the chance to win the championship and also their chance to receive the trophy in the autumn of their career.

BVB vs. VfL Wolfsburg: The line-ups

BVB vs. VfL Wolfsburg – 6: 0 (3: 0)

Gates 1-0 Adeyemi (14′), 2-0 Haller (28′), 3-0 Malen (37′), 4-0 Bellingham (54′), 5-0 Adeyemi (59′), 6-0 Bellingham ( 86.)
Lineup BVB Kobel – M. Wolf, Süle, Hummels (63rd Özcan), Ryerson (76th Passlack) – Can – Bellingham, Brandt – Malen (63rd Reus), Adeyemi (69th Reyna) – Haller (63rd Moukoko)
Line-up VfL Wolfsburg Casteels – R. Baku (46th Fischer), Bornauw, Guilavogui (46th Paredes), van de Veen – Arnold – F. Nmecha, Svanberg (66th Gerhardt) – Wimmer, Kaminski (66th Cozza) – Wind (66th marmoush)
yellow cards – : Fischer (64.)

BVB: goalkeeper

Gregory Kobel: Cool, cooler, Kobel: kept his nerve in a one-on-one duel with Wolfsburg’s Wimmer (19′). With a strong flight insert even with a precise flick from Kaminski (33rd). The silent Dortmund hero in a game that was only supposedly one-sided, at least in the first round. Even shortly before the end, still attentive to Wimmer’s big chance (88th). Grade: 2.

BVB: defender

Marius Wolf: Was moved into the team at short notice for the slightly injured Guerreiro and swapped sides with Ryerson. Almost as fast on the field as on the streets of the Westphalian metropolis with his Ferrari. With the dream pass before the third BVB goal. Grade: 2.5.

Mats bumble bees: Confident appearance of the defense boss, who didn’t let anything burn in the back and also energetically intervened in the build-up of the game again and again. With the important ball win before 2:0. Again and again with well-timed tackles and a lot of overview in defense. Yellow preloaded, therefore probably early off the field to be on the safe side. Rating: 1.5.

Niklas Sule: First, a small weakness in the Dortmund defense. Destroyed Dortmund’s offside trap a few times and thus unnecessarily created danger in front of the BVB goal. But improved in the second round and also dared some dangerous trips in front of the Wolfsburg goal. Grade: 3.5.

Julian Ryerson: Had his hands full with the agile Baku in the first quarter of an hour. Nevertheless, with the flank before BVB’s opening goal. He kept fighting for balls and was rewarded with applause from the ranks. Note 3.

BVB: midfielder

Emre Can: Not always able to stop the fast Wolfsburg game in the beginning. Overall, he had control of what was happening in defensive midfield. Seven ball wins alone before the break. Also with nice combinations, such as the one via Brandt and Malen, who deserved a goal (33rd). Later moved to central defence. Note 3.

Jude Bellingham: Very concentrated appearance of the midfielder. After some criticism recently, the Englishman refrained from any flourishes. Just like his goal to make it 4-0 – there was no herb against the cracker from 20 meters. Also took a penalty and put the lid on the game. Grade: 2.

Donyell Paint: Wanted to make it too good on the counterattack in the 20th minute and put it across to Bellingham again – unnecessarily. Still shone, even as a goalscorer with a dust-off to make it 3-0 (37th). Grade: 2.5.

Julian Brandt: With a lot of esprit and numerous ideas on the pitch. Great overview before the goal to 3:0, also prepared the fourth and sixth goal. If the teammates had reacted better, it would have been even better. Grade: 2.

Karim Adeyemi: “Air” Adeyemi is flying again. Great how the winger shot up to make it 1-0 before the header hit (14th). Showed at 5:0 (59th) that he also has the mean dust-off in his repertoire. His casual penalty (65th) was no longer significant. Rating: 1.5.

BVB: attacker

Sebastien Haller: Mercilessly efficient appearance of the goalscorer: before the break only twelve times on the ball, after the change not much more often – nevertheless he shone as a goalscorer and goal setter. Showed his goalscoring instinct when he made it 2-0 without humor (20th). Strong ball conquest before the fifth BVB goal. Grade: 2.

BVB: Substitute

Youssoufa Moukoko: From the 63rd minute for Haller on the field. Once got through nicely in the guests’ penalty area, but then failed to guest keeper Casteels (80th). Grade: 3.5.

Salih Ozcan: Came after a good hour, probably to save Hummels from the threatening fifth yellow card. Unobtrusive. Grade: 3.5.

Marco Reuse: As against Frankfurt: When everything was clear, the captain was allowed to play for a good half an hour. A shot attempt, not a successful shot on goal. Not enough time to shine. Grade: 3.5.

Giovanni Rayna: From the 69th minute on the pitch. Without affecting the result. Grade: 3.5.

Felix matching lacquer: Nice move from coach Edin Terzic that he rewarded the Dortmund veteran with a short assignment on his farewell tour towards Bochum. Strong pass to Moukoko just before the end. No rating.