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Winners and losers of the match as well as the individual reviews and grades of the Borussia Dortmund pros



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BVB gambled away the German championship after beating FSV Mainz 05 2-2. The winners and losers of the game as well as the marks and individual reviews of the Borussia Dortmund players.

In the biggest game in recent BVB history, no BVB player really impressed, and some Dortmund players were even hugely disappointing. Few showed normal form.

Here is the match report.

Match winner: Karim Onisiwo (Mainz 05)

The Dortmund nightmare. He was involved in almost all of his team’s dangerous attacks. Onisiwo also scored the 2-0 himself. An application for larger tasks. Keeper Finn Dahmen should also be mentioned at this point, who parried brilliantly several times and of course saved the penalty.

Loser of the game: Edin Terzic (BVB coach)

It should have been his second title in a season and a half as coach of Borussia Dortmund. Terzic himself cannot really be blamed at the end of the game. It’s not the coach’s fault that his players gambled away the championship with such minor mistakes and also had bad luck. Nevertheless, he is responsible for taking the nervousness away from the team.

Loser of the game: Sébastien Haller (BVB)

Symbol of BVB’s roller coaster ride this season, which is actually ending at a low point. After his cinematic comeback and his two goals in Augsburg, he had a pitch-black day. He is partly to blame for the 0:1, he missed the penalty to make it 1:1. Even then he should have scored at least one goal.

BVB vs. Mainz 05: The lineups

BVB vs. Mainz 05 – 2: 2 (0: 2)

Gates 0-1 Hanche-Olsen (15′), 0-2 Onisiwo (24′), 1-2 Guerreiro (69′), 2-2 Süle (90’+6′)
Lineup BVB Kobel – M. Wolf (Moukoko 46), Süle, Hummels, Ryerson (Modeste 80) – Can, Brandt (Duranville 62), Guerreiro, Malen (Reyna 62), Adeyemi (Reus 40) – Haller
Lineup Mainz Zentner – Hanche-Olsen, Bell, Fernandes – Caci, Barreiro, Kohr, Aaron, Stach, J.-S. Lee (66th Ingvartsen) – Onisiwo (90th + 1st Mustapha)
yellow cards
  • BVB: Guerreiro (40th)
  • Mainz: Fernandes (71st)

BVB: goalkeeper

Gregory Kobel: Against Hanche-Olsen’s diving header without a chance when conceding an early goal (15th). This was also the case at 0: 2, when Onisiwo headed against his run (24th). Prevented the knockout shortly after the restart because he stood against Lee for a long time (48th). Made another strong parry in the hot phase. Note 3.

BVB: defender

Marius Wolf: Quite aggressive at the beginning. Asked for a little dance shortly after the kick-off, but his subsequent cross found no takers. After that it was unobtrusive. Defensively not really up to par in the first half hour. Before the 0: 2 assist provider Lee had little resistance. He stayed in the dressing room at the break. Grade: 4.5.

Niklas Sule: Just missed the 1-0 after a technically demanding volley, Mainz keeper Dahmen held on to follow up (7th). Was trying to find solutions against the Mainz bulwark and played some good chip balls. His monster tackle really heated up the stadium again (64th). Shortly before the end he even scored to make it 2-2. Grade: 2.5.

Mats Hummels: Wasn’t the safe support and pace setter as in the past few weeks. At the beginning with a bad bad pass that had no consequences. Eight more were added before the break. Then he completely lost sight of Onisiwo at 0:2. After all, he won more than half of his many duels. grade: 5

Julian Ryerson: The usual picture. The field left the field from the middle line to the people in front, although he was only challenged to a limited extent defensively. When he then crossed, there was a lack of accuracy. After halftime he moved to the right, but that didn’t change the susceptibility to counterattacks. His commitment was right at all times. Grade: 4.5.

BVB: midfielder

Emre Can: He got the first round of applause because he separated Onisiwo from the ball with a perfect sliding tackle. Falsified to the first Mainz corner, which meant the deficit. At 0: 2 then with a greater fault because the agreement with Hummels was not correct at all. Then tried to get calm and control in the game. He was only able to do that in shorter phases. grade: 4

Julian Brandt: Interpreted his role in possession a bit more offensive than usual, which is why a little more was involved in the combination game. Also extremely gallant against the ball, no one fought more duels in the first half (12). Shortly before the change of sides, Dortmund had the best chance after the 0:2, but his shot lacked power (44th) – the pass to Haller would have been the better decision. Note 3.

Raphael Guerreiro: Replaced Bellingham as in Augsburg. It was difficult for him to get into the game until he got the penalty (18′). Then with many good approaches, some of which caused danger. He usually worked too timidly towards the back. Challenged on the left back after the break, where he showed his well-known weaknesses. Offensive but also with the well-known strengths – he finally brought back hope for the miracle with his goal (69th). Note 3.

BVB: attacker

Donyell Paint: With the first good chance when he pulled in from the right and put the ball just wide of the post (4th). Also in the episode still the most conspicuous BVB attacker. Shortly after the second shock, he initiated the next attack, seconds before the half-time whistle with a good header chance. Shortly before he was substituted with another great chance (62nd). Note 3.

Sebastien Haller: Little to see in the opening minutes before he came too late in the 0-1 draw against goal scorer Hanche-Olsen. Shortly thereafter, it was rock hard when he failed from the point with a weak shot at Dahmen (19th). After that, he mostly disappeared again. With a huge chance to make it 1-2 when Dahmen was already beaten and didn’t hit the ball properly (58′). Still with other good opportunities. It just wasn’t meant to be. grade: 5

Karim Adeyemi: Was completely up in the air for the first 45 minutes. Offensively not involved at all, the defensive work also left a lot to be desired. 13 ball actions before he was substituted before the half-time whistle speak volumes. grade: 5

BVB: Substitute

Marco Reus: Came into play for the well-stricken Adeyemi (40′) and immediately greeted the stadium with a superb move as he drove the ball from his own half to the sixteen and placed it on Brandt at the right time. The captain then went ahead and even won one or the other ball. Almost with an overhead kick goal, which would have meant 2: 2 (73rd). Shortly afterwards with another chance to equalize (74th). Note 3.

Youssoufa Moukoko: Replaced Wolf after the break to knock the buck over (46th). Just missed the 1:2 with a head (1:2) before Haller failed (58th). Shortly thereafter with the next top-class player, which he left behind (67th). grade: 4

Julien Duranville: Replaced Brandt somewhat surprisingly for the last half hour (62nd) and thus celebrated his debut in the most important BVB game of the year. However, he did not have much influence. Grade: 3.5.

Giovanni Reyna: Came in for the good Reyna to prove his joker qualities once again (63′). First, however, he appeared as an assistant, when he beautifully undermined the main defense with goalscorer Guerreiro. Note 3.

Anthony Modest: Substituted for the big final offensive, Ryerson went down from the field (79th). He remained without significant action. No rating.