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Winners and losers of the match, grades and the individual reviews of the Borussia Dortmund players



BVB, Bundesliga, VfL Bochum, Karim Adeyemi

Master flutter at BVB? Borussia Dortmund misses the best chances, slips at VfL Bochum and, after the 1-1 draw in the small district derby, threatens to lose the table lead they have just conquered to FC Bayern.

One of the heroes of the past week played big again on the 30th matchday and was unlucky with the referees, the Westphalian control center lacks the necessary impetus for that. The winners, losers, grades and the individual reviews of BVB:

Match winner: Karim Adeyemi (BVB)

The winger showed once again how important he has become for BVB in the second half of the season. Scored the goal for Dortmund and showed a number of good combinations. Normally he would have won a penalty, but to the annoyance of Dortmund, the referee didn’t even examine the critical scene.

Loser of the game: Julian Brandt (BVB)

He pushed captain Marco Reus out of the starting XI, but he may not be mature enough for the coronation mass in the Bundesliga: Despite good attempts, Julian Brandt was not able to lead his team to an away win in Bochum. A used evening for the highly gifted technician who can do so much more.

VfL Bochum vs BVB: The line-ups

VfL Bochum vs. BVB – 1:1


1-0 Losilla (5′), 1-1 Adeyemi (7′)

lineup VfL Bochum

Riemann – Gamboa (78th Janko), Masovic, Ordets, Danilo Soares (85th Stafylidis) – Osterhage (85th customer), Losilla, Stöger, Asano (79th Zoller), Antwi-Adjei – P. Hofmann (70th Broschinski )

lineup Borussia Dortmund

Kobel – Ryerson (88th Modeste), Süle, Hummels, Guerreiro – Can, Bellingham, Brandt (74th Reus), Malen (88th Wolf), Adeyemi (81st Reyna) – Haller (73rd Moukoko)

yellow cards

Danilo Soares (30′) / Haller (43′), Adeyemi (43′), Terzic (90’+2′)

VfL Bochum vs BVB: Goalkeeper

Gregory Kobel: There was nothing to be done against Bochum’s captain Losilla’s dream goal. Certainly with Stögers long-distance cracker (61st). Something ungrateful evening for Dortmund’s keeper. Grade: 3.5

VfL Bochum vs BVB: Defender

Julian Ryerson: Strongly under pressure against Antwi-Adjei, often only second winner in a duel on the right Dortmund side of defence. So there was hardly any space or time to get involved in the offensive. With the most ball losses on the Dortmund side (21). Grade: 4.5

Mats Hummels: Again first build-up player at BVB. His strong ball on Malen opened the way to a quick equalizer. His kick over the ball enabled Hofmann to create a big chance for VfL (35′). But also with two rescue operations. With the supposed winning goal in the 90th minute – but Dortmund’s defense chief was just offside. That a player from Bochum had previously been given the ball? Referee Stegemann does not seem to have seen it. Note 3

Niklas Sule: Back in the starting XI for the injured Nico Schlotterbeck. Decent game by the national defender, who played a large part. Six ball wins in the first round. After the break even with a few excursions into the opposing half. Note 3

Raphael Guerreiro: Before the opening goal in a lost position against Asano. But with a spectacular, clarifying action against the Japanese before the break. Was heavily tied on the defensive, so only a few trips in front of the opposing goal. Still almost got his 13th assist with the perfect cross on Malen (40th). Note 3

VfL Bochum vs BVB: midfielder

Jude Bellingham: Fueled himself up several times and found his master in Riemann (27th). At war with the referee because he let himself fall too easily in the beginning and as a result didn’t get even the clearest free kicks. Failed in the 74th minute – like so many Dortmunders – because of the strong VfL keeper Riemann. Grade: 2.5

Emre Can: Not only on the road as a destroyer, but also with some good ideas. His dream pass to Haller (31st) deserved a goal. However, once again with careless mistakes that could have been expensive. Grade: 3.5

Donyell Paint: Started just like last time. Strong dribbling, Danilo Soares ran away a few times. So also before the 1: 1, which he prepared strongly. The Dutchman also had several chances to score, but his scoring streak came to an end at VfL. Note 3

Julian Brandt: With a half number in shoe size more probably goal scorer in Bochum. But he failed with the tip of his foot after the remarkable one-two with Adeyemi ((37th). Overall, however, again not compelling enough and often without the brilliant idea. Coach Terzic probably no longer believed him capable of punching for the final offensive. Grade: 4.5

Karim Adeyemi: Showed his goalscoring instinct and only needed to push the ball over the line to make it 1-1 (7th). The winger’s fourth goal of the season. In the first round, however, he recklessly missed two huge chances to make it 2-1 (27th, 31st). Too bad the foul on him wasn’t even checked in the 64th minute. Grade: 2.5

VfL Bochum vs BVB: Attackers

Sebastien Haller: The 2nd assist this season for the Ivorian when equalizing. Haller showed some quick combinations with Adeymi. But he also got a stupid yellow card for a tactical foul in the center circle. In the end, the strength was lacking again. Note 3

VfL Bochum vs BVB: Substitute

Marco Reus: From the 74th minute on the field for Brandt. With the fine template for Moukoko. But he couldn’t organize BVB’s game any better than Brandt. No rating

Youssoufa Moukoko: Should provide power again in the final quarter of an hour because Haller lacked the seeds. Had the 2:1 on the foot right from the first action. No rating

Gioro Reyna: Dortmund’s noble joker with a short use in the last ten minutes. Couldn’t do better in the hectic final phase. No rating

Marius Wolf: The all-rounder was also allowed a short run at the end to force the decision. Came for Ryerson. No rating

Anthony Modest: Because BVB had to risk everything in the title race, Modeste was allowed to play again for a few minutes. Without affecting the game. No rating