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Yann Sommer keeps promises of chocolate after PSG game



Yann Sommer keeps promises of chocolate after PSG game

Yann Sommer almost made a serious mistake in the Champions League second leg against PSG, but teammate Matthijs de Ligt ironed it out with a magnificent tackle. The FC Bayern Munich keeper then promised the Dutchman a “truck with Swiss chocolate” – and now there was.

Sommer dribbled dangerously in the first half against Paris when the score was 0-0, missing Achraf Hakimi in his back and finally losing the ball to Vitinha. He shot at the empty goal – and de Ligt cleared the ball just before the line.

“I’ll put a truck with Swiss chocolate in front of his door. It’s amazing how he saved me,” said Bayern’s goalkeeper after the game about de Ligt’s rescue.

Sommer has now kept this promise. Last Thursday, the Swiss manufacturer “Kägi” sent a truck full of Swiss chocolate to Munich. However, the 700 kilograms contained in it did not go to de Ligt, but to the Münchner Tafel.

“Within just 30 minutes” according to Sommer’s statement, the truck was ready, said “Kägi” manager Miu Nguyen linkedin with. However: “The chocolate was not officially allowed to be handed over,” said Nguyen, who had forbidden FC Bayern.

Instead, they drove to the “Münchner Tafel” and donated the chocolate to the facility, which was welcomed with great joy. “We didn’t know exactly what was behind it – only that it came from Bayern Munich,” said Steffen Horak from the Munich table Munich Mercury. The unexpected donation of chocolate will now be part of the regular distribution, from which all distribution points should benefit.