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“You all have a bang too”



"You all have a bang too"

Martin Hinteregger, ex-professional from Eintracht Frankfurt, has expressed harsh criticism of the German media landscape. “You journalists all have a bang, too,” wrote the 30-year-old Austrian on Instagram.

To do this, he provided a screenshot with headlines from an interview he had with the Darmstadt Echo had emerged. “It is my greatest fear that Eintracht under Markus Krösche will become a continuous club where players come and move on after two years. And identification figures such as Timmi Chandler, Seppl Rode or Kevin Trapp will disappear. That would be extremely bitter. That’s it The most important thing in football,” Hinteregger said – which was seen as criticism of the board member Krösche, who has been with Eintracht Frankfurt since 2021.

According to Hinteregger, journalists “taunt each other about who can make the most extreme headline from a normal opinion”. In general, “too many clueless” would write about football.

Hinteregger surprisingly ended his professional career last year at the age of just 29. He played for Eintracht from 2019 to 2022 and crowned this time by winning the Europa League. He currently plays for his Austrian hometown club SGA Sirnitz in the fifth highest league.