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Chelsea FC – Fatal “Daddy” comment: How Chelsea coach Tuchel messed up with Lukaku



Chelsea FC – Fatal “Daddy” comment: How Chelsea coach Tuchel messed up with Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku is back at Inter – his relationship with Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel is apparently disturbed due to a comment.

Romelu Lukaku is returning to Inter Milan, that much is certain as of this week. After a mixed season at Chelsea, the Belgian is back in Serie A.

It is not easy to say why things did not go well for the 115 million euro man in London.

His difficult year with the Blues could have many different reasons – and two are a bit curious: Lukaku wore shirt number “9”, which is apparently cursed at Stamford Bridge. In addition, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel apparently messed up with the Belgian national player while watching a football game together.

The relationship with Tuchel should not have been the same after the German let himself be carried away by a small comment with big consequences towards Lukaku.

“Daddy” comment didn’t sit well with Lukaku

As the Chelsea insider and reporter for the Evening NewsNizaar Kinsella, im Italian football podcast reported the incident happened while watching a Tottenham Hotspur clash together. “Someone told me that Lukaku and Tuchel watched a Tottenham game together and Tuchel said to Lukaku about Antonio Conte: ‘There’s your daddy’,” said Kinsella.

Under the current Spurs coach Conte, the Belgian had won the championship title at Inter in the previous season and ended Juventus’ title dominance. “It was just a joke, but apparently it didn’t sit well with Lukaku,” Kinsella said.

When asked about the relationship between Tuchel and Lukaku, Kinsella settled in an interview Hayter’s TV even after: “There is no way back for Lukaku to Chelsea as long as Thomas Tuchel is still a coach there.”

However, Tuchel is doing a great job at Chelsea, so it is currently unlikely that another coach will be on the sidelines for the Blues when Lukaku’s loan ends in the summer of 2023.