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Consortium of season ticket holders wants to buy Chelsea



Consortium of season ticket holders wants to buy Chelsea

Chelsea’s future has been uncertain since sanctions were imposed on club owner Roman Abramovich. A London consortium now wants to buy the club.

A consortium of long-time season ticket holders wants to buy Chelsea FC.

As the Times reports, this is a group of four managers from the London financial industry: Nizar Al-Bassam, Garth Ritchie, Jonathan Lourie and Bob Finch.

“We have assets under management of £40 billion. We don’t have any foreign investors, so we’re using local capital, which I find very remarkable. We all go to the games with our children,” Al-Bassam told the newspaper.

Chelsea: Sanctions against Abramovich plunge club into crisis

Above all, the associated home advantage should become a trump card over potential competitors. Most recently, a Saudi Arabian consortium had officially expressed interest in Chelsea FC.

The reigning Champions League winner is experiencing troubled times. After the sanctions against long-time club owner Roman Abramovich as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a risk of serious financial difficulties. Abramovich therefore wants to sell the club.