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“Didn’t show our best” in league game



"Didn't show our best" in league game

Liverpool FC team manager Jürgen Klopp sent a small challenge to Manchester City ahead of the FA Cup semi-finals. The Citizens were “very strong” in the 2-2 league game last week, said the 54-year-old: “But we didn’t show our best. So let’s see what happens when we show our best. That It will be interesting. In some positions we can still operate on a completely different level.”

Both league duels ended 2-2 this season, and despite the knockout character, Klopp expects an open exchange of blows on Saturday in Wembley (4:30 p.m. / DAZN).

“It won’t be terribly boring, I’m sure of that,” said the former BVB coach: “We’ll try to prevent their game, but there will be several game-changing challenges. All players have to bring incredible things to the pitch.”

In such an encounter, the enormous strain will not play a role either. “It’s our problem that we’re in two semifinals, but we’re happy to deal with that. It’s just like that,” said Klopp: “It’s tough, but it’s the best schedule you can have. Because that means that you still have chances in all competitions.”