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Elon Musk is considering buying the Red Devils



Elon Musk is considering buying the Red Devils

According to information, Elon Musk is playing Daily Mail with the thought of buying his favorite club Manchester United. The English newspaper relies on several unnamed sources for its claim.

Manchester United’s current owners, the Glazier family, disliked by Red Devils supporters, announced in November 2022 that they would explore “strategic alternatives” including a sale. A deadline for offers should end this Friday.

The Twitter, Tesla and SpaceX owner is said to be closely monitoring the latest developments regarding a sale of Manchester United.

The price for Manchester United should be between 5.1 and 6.8 billion euros. For Musk, with a fortune of 178 billion ranked by Forbes as the second richest man in the world, buying the Red Devils would not be a problem.

So far, according to the Daily Mail Dozens have expressed interest in buying and have signed non-disclosure agreements granting them access to the club’s books. Among them should also be a number of interested parties from Saudi Arabia.