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Erling Haaland caught driving with his cell phone



Erling Haaland caught driving with his cell phone

Manchester City’s Erling Haaland has been caught using his cell phone while driving. The British tabloid The Sun released a video showing the 22-year-old driving his Rolls-Royce on a dual carriageway. He holds his smartphone in his hand and keeps looking at the display.

The recordings are said to have been taken the day after Haaland’s five-pack in the Champions League round of 16 second leg against RB Leipzig (7-0).

“I can confirm that the police are aware of the picture and are investigating it,” a Manchester police spokesman told the tabloid Mirror. Haaland is now threatened with six penalty points and a fine of just over 200 euros. The Premier League top scorer’s driver’s license could also be revoked if the test was only taken in the past two years.

There was also criticism of the action from the British automobile association The Automobile Association, a spokesman called the incident “a clear red for which there is no excuse. It is dangerous to hold your cell phone in your hand while driving. For someone who is so effective at scoring goals, it’s definitely an own goal.”