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Erling Haaland will probably win millions in bonuses



Erling Haaland looks at Marius Wolf's hairstyle

Erling Haaland can still win three major titles with Manchester City this season. It would also be extremely worthwhile financially.

Manchester City’s star striker Erling Haaland is likely to be rewarded for winning the English Championship, Champions League and FA Cup.

A report of Sun According to City, the 22-year-old would pay the equivalent of around 1.13 million euros for triumphs in the Premier League and Champions League.

A further 395,000 euros should be added if the FA Cup is won. And the former Dortmund player would probably pocket the same amount if he were to become the Premier League’s top scorer. In this ranking, Haaland is currently almost uncatchable with 35 goals and thus nine goals more than pursuer Harry Kane.

Should Haaland and City actually win all the titles, the Norwegian can apparently look forward to more than three million euros in bonuses at the end of the season – and that’s not counting the bonuses for other possible awards (e.g. PFA Player of the Year).

On the way to the Champions League title, Haaland and City face the semi-final first leg against Real Madrid on Tuesday. In the Premier League, the Skyblues are currently one point ahead of Arsenal and also have a catch-up game to play.

In the FA Cup, however, the final against city rivals United takes place on June 3rd.