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Ex-Manchester City player convicted of molesting his ex



Ex-Manchester City player convicted of molesting his ex

Fisayo Adarabioyo learns from his former partner that she is pregnant by him. The ex-city player then goes completely nuts.

It has become very quiet around Fisayo Adarabioyo – at least when it comes to his career as a professional soccer player. Trained in Manchester City’s academy, the Englishman was once considered a huge talent, but the 27-year-old has now been without a club for more than a year.

But the brother of Fulham player Tosin Adarabioyo recently hit the headlines for another reason – and it’s shocking. In early January, he was sentenced to 12 months of community service for “harassment without violence.” In an interview with the Manchester Evening News the victim – his former girlfriend, who does not want to be named – described the details of the previous incidents.

This culminated in May 2022 with Fisayo Adarabioyo allegedly threatening to kill the woman after she had informed him via text message that he was pregnant with her. At the end of 2021, the woman ended her love affair with Adarabioyo, whom she met on social media in 2019. Shortly after the separation, she found out about the pregnancy and then informed Adarabioyo via SMS in May.

“I was almost 24 weeks pregnant at the time. His reaction was shocking and frightening,” said the woman, who also reported that previous attempts to meet the father of their child had failed.

Adarabioyo sends shocking messages

According to the woman, Adarabioyo appeared at her home in Knutsford, England, banged on the door and threw stones at the windows. The woman did not let the troublemaker into the house. But this ignited the next level with scary text messages like “If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you” or “Just kill you and everyone will be happier”. That was finally too much for the woman and she called the police, who arrested Adarabioyo.

The woman gave birth to their child healthy. Nevertheless, she is still struggling with the incidents today. “I feel very vulnerable as a single mom and had a video doorbell installed for my peace of mind,” she said in court.

Fisayo Adarabioyo’s career, which started promisingly, will probably not get going again because of his conviction. As a professional, he was under contract with St. Johnstone (Scotland), Crystal Palace, NAC Breda (Netherlands) and FCU Craiova (Romania). But he could not assert himself anywhere.