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Ilkay Gündogan reprimanded by Pep Guardiola despite a brace against Leeds United



Ilkay Gündogan reprimanded by Pep Guardiola despite a brace against Leeds United

International player Ilkay Gündogan scored two goals for Manchester City, but also missed a penalty. Team manager Pep Guardiola didn’t like that at all.

Pep Guardiola was upset – despite another Premier League win over Leeds United (2-1) and the ever-closer prospect of successfully defending the title. Ironically, double packer Ilkay Gündogan (19./27.) and goal machine Erling Haaland had drawn the anger of the Spanish city team manager.

Because the new Premier League record scorer Haaland (35 goals) generously gave Gündogan the ball in the 84th minute after a penalty kick so that he could put together a three-pack. But Gündogan missed – much to the chagrin of Guardiola.

“First the trainer pointed to Erling and made it clear that he was quite angry. Then he had it in for me too,” Gündogan reported afterwards. The connection goal from Leeds (85th) made it exciting again in the final phase.

“If it’s 2-0, then a game isn’t over – especially not in England,” ex-Bayern coach Guardiola explained his criticism of Gündogan and Haaland, “it shows how nice and generous Erling is. If it’s 4-0 and there’s only ten minutes left, then it’s okay.”

The ex-Dortmunder Haaland was chosen by Guardiola (“The best penalty taker at the moment”). But the Scandinavian left it to the German international to round off his day with the third goal.

“When Erling grabbed the ball, I was sure that he would shoot too,” reported Gündogan, “but he was looking for me. I couldn’t believe it, but he wanted me to shoot.” Gündogan himself was convinced to convert, “I didn’t even notice whether the goalkeeper made a save or the ball landed on the post.”

Final word from the coach: If Gündogan had converted the penalty, “everything would have been fine – three pack, well done,” said Guardiola. But with a score of 2-0, anything can still happen, “we mustn’t forget that.”

And Gündogan was clear: “Maybe that was the right warning at the right time!”