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Is Jude’s brother starting now?



Jobe Bellingham,

Jobe and Jude Bellingham changed clubs on the same day. For the younger brother, the step was slightly smaller. The 17-year-old joins AFC Sunderland in the Championship in England. But what does that mean for its development?

Jude and Jobe Bellingham – these are the names of the youngest ever players in the first team at Birmingham City. On June 14, 2023, both took their next career step. One of them switched to Real Madrid for a three-digit million sum, the other will lace up his shoes for Sunderland AFC in the future.

The English second division side transferred 1.75 million euros for the services of the younger Bellingham brother. Visually, it is already becoming increasingly difficult to tell the two apart. In a photo taken during the launch of Jude Bellingham in Madrid, they both look like twin brothers.

In terms of football, there is probably a little more between the two than just the two years that Jude Bellingham has in terms of experience and development. And yet Jobe is also believed to have a great career. Where does the path of the attacking player, who was once also under discussion at BVB, lead?

Jobe Bellingham: That’s why BVB was interested

At first it was said in those around Borussia Dortmund that Jobe could be on the wish list because it might enable Jude to stay with him for longer. The connection between the two is close. But the longer the BVB observers looked at Jobe, the clearer it became that the younger Bellingham also had a lot of talent.

From the U15 to the U18, he has so far gone through the English U national teams. In the youth of Birmingham he played for the under-18s at the age of 15. He made his professional debut at 16, just 69 days older than his brother. In the blues, however, Jobe was never only known for his successful and popular brother.

In the 2021/22 season, as a 15-year-old, he was allowed to be part of the campaign that launched Birmingham’s new kit. An appreciation that underlines the reputation of the offensive player. His flexibility on the pitch also contributed to this. He can play almost any position offensively and has also been used in the eighth position.

The 17-year-old is fast, technically strong and has a good overview. The Englishman feels most comfortable in a playmaker role behind the strikers. The big breakthrough in the championship did not want to succeed, however. He was used 23 times this season for Birmingham, but he did not succeed in scoring. Jobe Bellingham mostly came from the bank.

Jobe Bellingham and his 1,000 finals in the Champions League

In addition, there is the experience of around 1,000 Champions League finals – at least according to Jude Bellingham. He told UEFA 2022 about his special relationship with his brother. The two would always play against each other on a meadow in front of the house: “We were there from morning to evening, especially in the summer when we didn’t have school. These games almost always ended with us being best friends or our worst enemies. “

And further: “Every game we played was a Champions League final for us. We lined up our teams and then imagined a stadium where we would play.” So it shouldn’t be a coincidence that Jobe’s style of play is reminiscent of his brother’s.

Physically strong but technically capable of handling almost any ball, Jobe apparently learned a lot from Jude on the pitch in Stourbridge in the West Midlands. But how far can he really go?

Jobe Bellingham: There’s still a long way to go

His first few months at pro level have shown that there is still a long way to go. The physical advantages are gone, the pressure in the duels is greater. Opponents are quicker to him and it is harder to get out of the opponent’s pressing.

But apart from numbers and odds, he is getting used to the new level. This is one of the reasons why Sunderland should have been willing to transfer millions for him. There, Jobe Bellingham will be part of a squad capable of packing promotion to the Premier League.

After Sunderland was promoted to the Championship, they went straight to sixth place. Luton Town was the end of the play-offs. For the talented Bellingham, that means moving up from a relegation contender to a club aiming for the Premier League.

It’s a move within the league, but it could come at just the right time. Tony Mowbray is currently the coach in Sunderland and plays football there that relies primarily on speed and quick transitions. A style of play that suits Bellingham.

Jobe Bellingham: Move to Sunderland AFC as a career boost?

Now it will be a matter of proving his talent and achieving what he probably didn’t succeed at Birmingham because the environment didn’t allow it: to get a regular place in the second English division.

Jobe Bellingham’s career is a little slower than Jude’s. But its launch was also extraordinarily explosive. Whether Jobe will ever reach his brother’s heights is doubtful given the opportunity for him to mature into one of the best players in the world at Real Madrid.

It would be unfair to judge Jobe Bellingham by that. In Sunderland he now has the chance to recommend himself first for second and then for first-class football. He can certainly be trusted to do both. And so June 14, 2023 could not only have been a big day for one Bellingham, but also for the other.

There is still some way to go for the two brothers to play a Champions League final against or with each other outside the lawn outside their West Midlands home. But the dream will stay with her for a while.