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Jack Grealish’s dad reveals drinks bill



Jack Grealish's dad reveals drinks bill

Manchester City have had plenty to celebrate in recent weeks. Before winning the Champions League, the Skyblues already won the FA Cup and Premier League titles. According to the father of party king Jack Grealish, the triumph in the English House of Lords was followed by a spectacular celebration that was boozy and boozy.

The party took place in Etihad Stadium’s exclusive Tunnel Club. Kevin Grealish said that Mirror: “Respect to City, they did a great job with all the celebrations and parties. There was one for winning the Premier League a few weeks ago. The drinks bill came and it was £47,000. I have the bill And before anyone says anything, that wasn’t just Jack’s bill.”

His son, who impressively led the celebrations after the triumph in the premier class on Saturday evening, went home “actually early” that evening.

The players’ relatives were also invited to the party at Tunnel Club. Kevin Grealish said: “All the families get along really well. Alf, Haaland’s father, is a great guy. Really down to earth. He came up to me and said I should take a puff on his cigar. I took a puff and almost threw up. I hadn’t smoked in 28 years.”

After the extensive celebrations, Grealish junior still has two international matches on their schedule before the summer break. With the English national team, the left winger will meet Malta and North Macedonia in the context of the European Championship qualification these days.