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Jurgen Klopp is behind Liverpool



Jurgen Klopp is behind Liverpool

The fans will be less than enthusiastic, but Jürgen Klopp is behind Liverpool FC’s decision: the team manager supports the Reds’ decision to celebrate the coronation of Charles III before the game against Brentford FC (6.30 p.m. / Sky). to play the national anthem “God Save The King”. The club’s point of view is also his point of view, said Klopp: Apart from that, it’s “a topic on which I can’t really have an opinion.”

After all, he is from Germany. We don’t have a king,” said Klopp. From the outside, “it’s like a movie. We don’t feel that,” said the 55-year-old. But he is pretty sure that many Britons will enjoy the coronation: “And some aren’t interested in it and some won’t like it at all. That’s how it is.”

Liverpool fans traditionally boo the national anthem during cup finals at Wembley to show their dislike of the British establishment. Last Wednesday, Liverpool fans at Fulham FC even sang a taunting song against the coronation. However, on the weekend of the ceremony, “God Save The King” is to be played at all Premier League games.