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Liverpool FC – upheaval? Jürgen Klopp only needs this one player



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Recently, more and more voices have been raised after an upheaval in Liverpool. But Klopp really only needs one very specific player.

The message was clear and visible to everyone in Liverpool: “FSG out, Klopp in – enough is enough” was written on a banner that was pulled by a propeller plane. Before Liverpool FC’s Premier League clash with Manchester United, just above the stadium on Anfield.

Even if not every Liverpool fan can send an airplane into the sky with their opinion: the content of the banner speaks from the heart of many supporters. FSG is the abbreviation for the Fenway Sports Group from the USA, the owners of Liverpool FC. Their behavior gets on the nerves of many Reds fans. First there were reports that the company wanted to sell the club in the summer. Then they rowed back and said they were only holding talks with potential investors. But there was already unrest in the club.

Jürgen Klopp, on the other hand, tries to radiate calm in this situation. This is another reason why the German still enjoys the trust of the majority of fans – far beyond the authors of the airplane banner. Of course, the clear 7-0 win against their arch-rivals from Manchester, who recently emerged, did the rest. Now the important Champions League places are within reach again.

A few weeks ago, when Liverpool were stuck even lower in mid-table, many were calling for a large-scale upheaval at the Reds. Above all, Klopp’s transfers were criticized.

Liverpool FC: Núñez proves everyone wrong

Darwin Nunez in particular. The striker came before the season for 80 million euros and was hunted by many top teams – including FC Bayern. Núñez needed some time to get used to the new environment. The 23-year-old was not given this time, especially on social media. There, Núñez was quickly derided as a flop. Videos were posted of him missing the goal by meters in training. The Tenor: This man can’t play football.

Now Núñez is proving everyone wrong. The attacker from Uruguay is already involved in 18 goals. He scored twice against Man United. Just like Cody Gakpo. The Dutchman was only brought to Liverpool after the World Cup and a few mediocre performances prompted criticism of the transfer.

Today one would like to say to the critics: Leave Klopp alone! He already knows what he’s doing!

The German always has the Reds’ future in mind. The conversion is not taking place radically, but step by step and with a sense of proportion. If you offset the transfer expenses with the income, you get the following negative differences in the past three seasons: 57 million, 58 million and 67 million euros.

Liverpool FC: Klopp only needs Bellingham

That’s comparatively prudent spending when you look at the competition on the island. Especially Chelsea. In this season alone, there was a minus of 543 million euros. And is worse off in the table.

Klopp’s Liverpoolers have put together a quality squad, mostly young players, for a lot less money. Only in central midfield does it need a makeover. Henderson, Thiago, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Milner and Fabinho are 29 or older. There is also not enough competition at headquarters. A young, highly talented English midfielder is therefore at the top of Liverpool’s wish list: Jude Bellingham.

He’s exactly the one player Klopp is missing for his team of the future. In order to bring Bellingham from Dortmund to Liverpool, a transfer fee of more than 100 million euros is needed, which BVB will demand. Here the owners of FSG would have to open their wallets more than usual. And for the ambitious Bellingham, certainly qualifying for the Champions League. Klopp and his team have this back in their own hands after the triumph over ManUnited.

Premier League: The current table

Place team Sp. Gates differential pt.
1. arsenal 26 59:25 34 63
2. Manchester City 26 66:25 41 58
3. Manchester United 25 41:35 6 49
4. Tottenham Hotspur 26 46:36 10 45
5. Liverpool 25 47:28 19 42
6. Newcastle United 24 35:17 18 41
7. Fulham 25 36:31 5 39
8th. Brighton & Hove Albion 23 43:29 14 38
9. Brentford 23 37:30 7 35
10 Chelsea 25 24:25 -1 34
11. AstonVilla 25 31:38 -7 34
12. Crystal Palace 25 21:32 -11 27
13. Wolverhampton Wanderers 26 19:35 -16 27
14 Nottingham Forest 25 20:44 -24 26
15 Leicester City 25 36:43 -7 24
16 West Ham United 25 23:33 -10 23
17 LeedsUnited 25 29:40 -11 22
18 everton 26 19:38 -19 22
19 southampton 25 20:41 -21 21
20 AFC Bournemouth 25 24:51 -27 21