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Lucrative business! That’s how much Erling Haaland collects for appearances in pajamas



Lucrative business!  That's how much Erling Haaland collects for appearances in pajamas

Erling Haaland doesn’t just like to walk around in his pajamas for fun. Apparently he’s doing the right thing with it.

Erling Haaland is not only known for his goals for Manchester City, he is also often seen in flashy outfits. His appearances in pajamas are particularly striking, not least at the Skyblues championship celebrations. He can also often be seen in his sleeping robe on holiday pictures on Instagram. And for a good reason.

As the Daily Mail reports, behind these outfits is not only Haaland’s desire for comfort, but rather a lucrative advertising deal. Apparently he has a partnership with the fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana, which brings the Norwegian a whopping 2.3 million euros.

Most recently, Haaland also wore green pajamas for the cover presentation of the video game simulation “EA FC 24” from EA Sports. Haaland is the cover star of the “FIFA” successor.

Haaland is not only extremely successful on the pitch – in his debut season for Manchester City he scored 36 goals (8 assists) in 35 games, setting a season record in the English top flight. He is also extremely successful off the field: his Instagram profile alone currently has 33.6 million followers.