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Manchester City is only missing one like Erling Haaland



Manchester City is only missing one like Erling Haaland

Manchester City delivered an intoxicating top game with Liverpool. However, it became clear that the Skyblues are missing someone like Erling Haaland.

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Manchester City vs Liverpool FC: The top game in the Premier League kept what it promised. The two best teams in England – probably also on the planet at the moment – fought a duel at the highest footballing level and ended up separating in a 2-2 draw.

But ManCity had the more numerous and better chances to score. Coach Pep Guardiola will be particularly annoyed by two missed opportunities: Raheem Sterling would only have had to push in before Alisson Becker, but failed at the Liverpool keeper. In the final seconds, Riyad Mahrez was released again nicely by Kevin De Bruyne, decided to lob and missed the possible winning goal.

A real goalscorer would have used both chances. A real goalscorer is the only thing that Manchester City still lacks.

Manchester City still need a real goalscorer

The top scorer in the leaders’ team is central midfielder De Bruyne with 11 goals. For comparison: Liverpool striker Mo Salah has already scored 20 goals in the current Premier League season.

Guardiola wanted to sign Harry Kane pre-season precisely because of that weakness in the attacking centre, but Tottenham refused to let their captain go. Guardiola has already ticked off Kane’s commitment for the coming season: “We tried, but it was far from it because Tottenham knew it wasn’t going to happen. And if they say it two, three, four times, it is over,” the Catalan clarified in February.

This is one of the reasons why City should make serious efforts to find another goal scorer in the coming transfer period: Erling Haaland. The still BVB striker would bring exactly the clipping qualities that Guardiola still misses in his powerful offensive.

Manchester City would be a perfect match for Erling Haaland

And that’s why City would also be a perfect match for Haaland.

The 21-year-old is probably still thinking about a move to Real Madrid – but Karim Benzema’s next goals are celebrated there every week. The start for Haaland with the royals would be much more difficult than in Manchester.

In mid-March there were rumors of an alleged agreement between Haaland and Manchester City. Since then, however, it has become fairly quiet on the subject. Last week, the picture reported that the deal could shake because Haaland’s father Alf-Inge and advisor Mino Raiola allegedly want to collect too much from a transfer. The package could even be too expensive for the financially strong Sheikh club ManCity.

With Kane, the city officials have already shown that they are not prepared to pay any price. That should give the Haaland side something to think about. If such a deal should fail because of excessive demands, it would be a shame. Haaland at Manchester City: It would just fit so well.