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Mauricio Pochettino apparently takes over Chelsea



Mauricio Pochettino apparently takes over Chelsea

Mauricio Pochettino will be team manager of the English top club FC Chelsea for the coming season and thus boss of the German national player Kai Havertz. Like the one among others Guardians and The Athletic reported unanimously on Saturday night, the 51-year-old Argentine has reached an agreement with the club’s management.

The ex-Tottenham Hotspur and Paris St. Germain coach was seen as a big favorite after the 2021 Champions League winner broke off talks with former Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann and Spaniard Luis Enrique.

Chelsea have failed to qualify for the European Cup after a miserable season. First of all, the club management fired successful coach Thomas Tuchel last September, under successor Graham Potter the Blues slipped further and further. Player icon Frank Lampard will be on the sidelines at CFC until the end of the season.