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Milan could be the next club for Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku



Milan could be the next club for Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku

AC Milan could become the next club in Romelu Lukaku’s career. The Belgian has been unlucky at Chelsea this season and would happily leave the club after just one year. Milan could, according to information from SPOX and GOAL – if it works out with the takeover of the club by the new investors.

Lukaku is no stranger to Milan: only last summer he switched from Milan rivals Inter to Chelsea for 110 million euros. However, the Rossoneri cannot afford a transfer fee of this magnitude. In addition, there is an annual salary of around 19 million euros, which is also outside of Milan’s possibilities.

However, the Italians are hoping that Chelsea’s new owners, who will soon take over the club, will cut losses and sell Lukaku at a cheaper price as a result.

At the same time, Milan are counting on the talks about the takeover of their club by Bahrain-based company Investcorp being successful and the new owners wanting to make a statement by signing Lukaku. However, the new bosses could also insist that part of Lukaku’s exorbitant salary continue to be paid by the blues.

In the second half of the season, Lukaku is having a hard time at Chelsea: since February he has only made two starting XI appearances in the league, and since then he has not even been on the pitch at kick-off in the Champions League.