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outburst! Ex-Premier League player throws his ex’s belongings out the window



outburst!  Ex-Premier League player throws his ex's belongings out the window

Apparently cheated on by his girlfriend, Greg Halford vented his anger. The former Premier League professional simply threw her belongings out the window, as a video on Twitter shows.

It’s a pain no one likes to experience. Cheated on by life partner. Even football professionals are not spared, such as ex-Premier League player Greg Halford. The Englishman recently went viral on Twitter with a video: Halford disposed of his ex-girlfriend’s things – from the second floor of his house.

But first things first: Between 2006 and 2011 Halford made a total of 28 appearances in the Premier League for Reading, Sunderland and Wolverhampton. However, the four-time England U20 national player could not really assert himself at any of his stations. Since his failed attempts in the Premier League, Halford has worked for various clubs in Ireland, Scotland and England.

In any case, Halford did not become really famous through a glorious football career, instead he made headlines with a Twitter video. The caption is at Halford’s video program: “It took way too long, but I finally got rid of all my cheating ex’s stuff.” His ex-girlfriend apparently cheated on the 38-year-old. To see in the video: Shoe boxes in particular fly from the second floor of the house into the front yard.

The reactions on social media to the video, which has been viewed more than five million times, vary. Many fans accuse Halford of faking the video because the shoeboxes are empty. Others are wondering if the bicycle seen on the right also flew out of the window. Halford also felt sorry for his situation.

However, he did not comment further on the incident. The full-back has definitely gotten attention on the internet – regardless of whether he wanted to or not.