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Premier League likely to propose introducing short-term head injury transfers



Premier League likely to propose introducing short-term head injury transfers

The English Premier League has submitted an application to the IFAB rules officials to allow short-term substitutions in the event of head injuries from next season. He reports that Guardians.

From the 2023/24 season, the English top league wants players who have been substituted due to a head injury to be able to come on again if the suspicion of a concussion is not confirmed after a thorough examination.

The new rule would allow the medical team to examine the player more closely without having to permanently ban him from the game. The French Ligue 1 and the US league MLS are also said to have joined the application. Initially, it should only be a test phase, but only the IFAB can decide on this.

In recent years, the topic of head injuries in football has increasingly come to the fore. The IFAB had recently decided on a reform, according to which an additional – albeit permanent – change in a game is possible in the event of a head injury, which does not burden the change quota. At the World Cup final in Qatar, France was even allowed to make seven changes: a sixth time due to extra time and number seven because Adrien Rabiot had to leave the field with a suspected head injury.

However, player unions have been calling for the introduction of temporary rotations for months. However, the IFAB takes the position that sometimes concussions are not immediately apparent and symptoms only appear later. A player could therefore return to the pitch despite a concussion.

A decision as to whether the application from the three leagues will be granted is expected in the spring.