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Rúben Dias threw up in Jack Grealish’s mother’s purse during Manchester City’s treble celebration



Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has opened up about the Champions League winners’ treble partying after Saturday night’s win against Inter Milan. Among other things, the fact that some players did not do well with the extensive consumption of alcohol.

Ederson explained with the Brazilian national team: “After the exhausting and incredible season, we had to celebrate and let our emotions out. Those were months of intensive work. (…) 99 percent of the teams had a drink and had fun. Some only heard on Monday up.” You have to “enjoy” the good times, said the keeper.

However, the enjoyment did not work for all city stars. “Nathan Aké was the one missing percent, he doesn’t drink. The same applies to others, but they made an exception. Like Rúben Dias, but it didn’t do him any good. After two shots, everything came out again and it ended up in the Jack Grealish’s mother’s purse.”

Before the summer break, Ederson is still in action with Brazil in internationals against Guinea and Senegal.