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Sad reason! That’s why Virgil van Dijk doesn’t wear his last name on his shirt



Sad reason!  That's why Virgil van Dijk doesn't wear his last name on his shirt

Only the defender’s first name appears on Virgil van Dijk’s Liverpool shirt. The reason for this is a sad one.

Virgil van Dijk has been one of the top performers at Liverpool for years and is the constant in Jürgen Klopp’s back four. It was not without reason that the Reds once transferred almost 85 million euros to Southampton to secure the services of the Dutchman.

The 31-year-old is currently absent due to injury, but when he returns to the pitch, he will (again) attract attention with a curiosity: only the first name can be read above the shirt number of the central defender.

No “van Dijk” on the jersey: the reason is a family dispute

Virgil van Dijk’s maternal uncle, Fo Sieeuw, revealed in 2018 speaking to the Sun the reason for the missing surname on the shirt. “His father separated from his mother and his three children, including Virgil,” explained Sieeuw, adding: “The truth is that his father was absent for so many important years and his mother is the true hero of this story . You don’t take your father’s name off your jersey for nothing and Virgil has made it very clear how he feels.”

In this context, there is speculation that the two siblings of the soccer professional have also distanced themselves from the surname.

“Ron [van Dijk] is a nice guy, but you have to be more than that to be a good father. You have to be there for your children. Ron remarried and his new wife was very domineering, so he didn’t see his kids much,” Sieeuw explained.

Van Dijk is not the only one: Dele Alli and Memphis Depay also have no last name on the shirt

Van Dijk isn’t even the only footballer to only play with his first name on the back of his shirt. Ex-Tottenham star Dele Alli has dropped his surname since 2016 because he doesn’t feel connected to him and van Dijk’s compatriot Memphis Depay also opted for the move for family reasons.

The Atlético star only has “Memphis” on the jersey, the British midfield all-rounder also decided on his first name, which is why only “Dele” is recognizable as a flocking.

Van Dijk never spoke publicly about his supposedly difficult childhood, only told it in conversation talkSPORT once said: “When I was younger I went to church every Sunday and as I got older I stopped. But sometimes I pray and I think it has helped me through some difficult times.”

So what at first glance looked like a matter of taste turned out to be a profound story with van Dijk, Depay and Alli.