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Toni Kroos celebrates trainer Zoff between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte: “Pretty awesome”



Toni Kroos celebrates trainer Zoff between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte: "Pretty awesome"

The coaching Zoff between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte also provided a lot of entertainment for the Kroos family. Real star Toni Kroos also welcomes the action from a player’s point of view.

Such scenes as at the weekend, when Chelsea coach Tuchel clashed with his Spurs colleague Conte, are “what you discuss, what you look at, what you think is cool,” explained Kroos in his podcast “Einfach mal Luppen”. From a player’s point of view, it’s “pretty awesome when a coach really does everything for the result, for the team out there.”

His brother Felix Kroos also celebrated the scene. “I thought it was cool. That was aggressiveness on the coaching bench, which you rarely see.” However, Toni Kroos emphasized that both coaches should not be resentful. “As long as it’s eaten the next day, then it’s fine. Then you have to slow down again and not keep asking.”

The 2014 world champion felt reminded of a dispute between Jürgen Klopp and Matthias Sammer, which he witnessed during his time at Bayern Munich: “There were two people who you know: It can rattle. But you know also, these are two who shake hands afterwards.”

That was not so easy for Tuchel and Conte after the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham last Sunday. Even during the game, the two provoked each other with excessive cheering, and when shaking hands after the game, there was a scuffle. Both managers saw red cards and were charged with “inappropriate conduct” by the FA. You are threatened with a ban.