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“We have to stop this and have a strategy!”



"We have to stop this and have a strategy!"

Chelsea defender Thiago Silva indirectly criticized the club owners for their spending spree and haphazard action in the winter after losing in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

“I think the first step has been taken. A wrong step, but it was taken,” Silva said after Tuesday’s defeat TNT Sports. “We can’t blame the coaches if we don’t take responsibility. It’s a difficult time for the club, with a lot of hesitation. We had to enlarge the dressing room because it didn’t suit the size of the squad.”

“One positive thing is that we have great players in the squad, but on the other hand there are always players who are unhappy. There will always be someone who is upset because not everyone can play. The manager can only draw from a squad of over 30 players choose eleven – that’s tough,” the 38-year-old continued. “Some don’t make the squad, we signed eight players in January. We have to stop that and have a strategy, otherwise we’ll make the same mistakes next season.”

Despite a poor performance from Real Madrid that gave Chelsea a number of clear chances, Lampard’s side failed to win again – it was the Chelsea legend’s fourth loss in four games. As the search for Lampard’s successor continues and the Blues are said to be looking to secure a deal before the end of the season, Silva believes the players must take the blame first.

“Everyone talks too much about changing the coaches. I think that as players we have to take responsibility,” said the Brazilian. “We’ve had three managers this season and a fourth in Bruno, under whom we couldn’t win. Everyone talks about the manager but we have to look at what we did wrong and try to change it.”

Thiago Silva: “A very sad day”

The defender, who signed a one-year contract in February and turns 39 in September, could have been in his last Champions League season thanks to Chelsea’s miserable 11th place in the league.

“It could have been my last game in the Champions League. I only have one year left on my contract and my career is coming to an end. It’s a very sad day. But I think we have to keep working and try to get to the end of the win as many games as possible this season,” Silva affirmed.