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3rd league live today on TV, live stream and live ticker



Dynamo Dresden is unbeaten in four games.

In the 3rd league there is a promotion cracker between VfL Osnabrück and Dynamo Dresden today. Here you can find out how you can follow the top game live on TV, live stream and live ticker.

Nine games before the end of the season, the situation in the promotion battle in the third division is coming to a head. Except for SV Elversberg, who seem to be ahead of the competition, no team can feel safe.

Instead, there are only three points between third place, SV Wehen Wiesbaden, and seventh place, SV Waldhof Mannheim. In addition, the second team of SC Freiburg, currently in second place, is not allowed to rise at all.

Right in the middle of this promotion chaos: VfL Osnabrück, which is currently in the relegation place, and traditional club Dynamo Dresden right behind it. So there should be excitement this Sunday.

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, broadcast: 3rd league live today on TV, live stream and live ticker – date, location, kick-off, information

  • Competition: 3rd league
  • Gameday: 30th matchday
  • Date: Sunday April 2nd
  • Kicking off: 13 o’clock
  • Venue: Bremen Bridge, Osnabrueck

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, broadcast: 3rd division today live on TV and live stream

Like all games in the 3rd league, today’s duel between Osnabrück and Dresden will be played by the main license holder MagentaSport be visible. However, if you want to follow the game in the stream, you still have a subscription-free alternative.

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, transmission: 3rd league today in the live stream

Now to the transfer of MagentaSport access requires the appropriate subscription. However, how much you have to pay for it depends on two factors: the contract period and whether you already have customers with the parent company telecom are. From the overview you can see the amount that you would have to pay.

With a Telekom subscription Without Telekom subscription
monthly subscription 9.95 euros 16.95 euros
annual subscription 4.95 euros per month 9.95 euros per month

However, as already mentioned, it is not absolutely necessary to stick to the long term MagentaSport to bind. Because thanks to a cooperation, the streaming and football news service offers OneFootball the ability to purchase games individually. The cost per third division game is 2.99 euros – without any subscription or tariff. You can find all information about this here.

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, broadcast: 3rd league live on TV today

There is no way to watch the game on linear TV. Using a receiver or a smart TV, you can watch the game via MagentaSport but stream it to your TV.

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, broadcast: 3rd league today in the live ticker

You don’t want to pay any money, but still want to be there live? Then we can recommend our in-house live ticker. Here we always provide you with all the latest developments live from the Bremen Bridge.

Here is the live ticker

VfL Osnabrück vs. Dynamo Dresden, broadcast: 3rd league live today on TV, live stream and live ticker – the table of the 3rd league

Place team games SUN Gates difference Points
1 Elversberg (N) 29 19-6-4 66:26 40 63
2 Friborg II 30 17-8-5 42:28 14 59
3 Wiesbaden 30 17-5-8 60:42 18 56
4 Osnabruck 29 15-6-8 57:39 18 51
5 Dresden (A) 29 14-8-7 52:33 19 50
6 Saarbrucken 29 14-7-8 49:32 17 49
7 SV Waldhof 29 15-3-11 46:49 -3 48
8th Vict. Cologne 30 12-10-8 44:40 4 46
9 TSV 1860 29 11-7-11 45:42 3 40
10 exit 30 10-9-11 46:44 2 39
11 Aue (A) 30 11-6-13 37:41 -4 39
12 Duisburg 29 9-9-11 39:41 -2 36
13 food (N) 30 8-12-10 36:43 -7 36
14 Ingolstadt (A) 29 10-5-14 40:44 -4 35
15 Dortmund II 30 9-4-17 32:41 -9 31
16 Bayreuth (N) 30 9-4-17 32:57 -25 31
17 Hall 30 6-11-13 39:50 -11 29
18 Oldenburg (N) 30 7-6-17 34:56 -22 27