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Ex-Liverpool and Bayern Goalkeeper Pepe Reina appears as a penguin at Masked Singer



pepe reina masked mascot

Former Bayern goalkeeper Pepe Reina caused a sensation with an appearance as a penguin in the Spanish edition of The Masked Singer. The jury was mostly on a Barca legend, and Thomas Müller also spoke up.

Reina, who played for FC Bayern from 2014 to 2015, sang the song “Hola, mi amor” by Junco, wearing a penguin costume with a golden cloak.

Comedian Jose Mota was the only member of the judging team who suspected the Lazio goalkeeper under the disguise, the rest of them guessed former Barca star Andres Iniesta before the unmasking.

pepe reina masked mascot

Pepe Reina caused a sensation with an appearance as a penguin

“When you said it was Iniesta, I had to pull myself together. I would tear off a couple of heads to see how Andres does it,” he said after the revelation and was happy about the positive reactions about his performance. “To see you all speechless, your reactions like ‘Look how he moves’ – just great.”

Müller enthusiastic about Reina’s penguin appearance

The performance also generated a response from former teammates. Thomas Müller wrote “Bravo” on Twitter with a laughing smiley face, Peter Crouch wrote “Yes, Pepe”.

Reina herself looked directly at the next goals: “I’m seriously thinking about whether the next step is the Eurovision Song Contest. I had a great time. Greetings from your flamingo penguin.”