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Patron Kivran speaks up



Patron Kivran speaks up

After the end of third division club Türkgücü Munich, former president and patron Hasan Kivran spoke for the first time. In a statement on Instagram, the 66-year-old justified the end of his financial support for the club.

“For 6 years I supported my heart club with passion, energy and money to offer a home for the Turkish-German football community,” wrote Kivran. “The developments of the last few months with associations, the city, sponsors and spectators made me think about my investment.”

Kivran added: “At the end of January I had to make the decision that I would no longer support the club financially because the prospects, both sporting and structural, had steadily deteriorated. I lacked the support of the ‘community’ that my Investment should have been underpinned in the long term.”

The club filed for bankruptcy earlier this year after patron Kivran turned off the money supply. After managing director Max Kothny had subsequently looked in vain for new investors, Türkgücü withdrew from the game at the end of March. As a consequence, all previous season games of the club have been cancelled, which has led to big discussions in the 3rd division.

Türkgücü’s sporting future is still open. The deadline for applying for a license for the Regionalliga Bayern expires on April 8th. The club may have to restart in the lowest division, the Upper Bavarian C-Class.

“I will do everything I can to hand the club over smoothly to my successor and do my best to ensure that Türkgücü Munich can start in the Regionalliga Bayern 2022/2023,” Kivran wrote in his statement.

Kivran joined Türkgücü in 2016, and the club then managed to climb from the national league to the third division.