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Rome, the gesture of Zaniolo that Mourinho did not like



Rome, the gesture of Zaniolo that Mourinho did not like

The episode took place during the first half of the test against Triestina: the Giallorossi coach expressed disappointment at Nicolò’s behavior

A hiccup, a game episode that will almost certainly return soon if he has not already returned. But Mourinho expressed his disappointment with Nicolò Zaniolo’s behavior , publicly in real time and then probably also in private with the boy. It all happened during the first half of the Roma test against Triestina : the Giallorossi talent did not find the opposing team’s left-back, Walter Lopez , particularly sympathetic .

Zaniolo argues on the pitch, Pellegrini intervenes.

After getting caught throughout the first portion of the game, the nervousness between Nicolò Zaniolo and Walter Lopez was leading to a fight that was  instantly sedated by the decisive intervention of Lorenzo Pellegrini, in the first game played after the injury that cost him the Europeans . The midfielder behaved like a true captain, calming the spirits of his teammate and the Uruguayan defender of Triestina.  

Mourinho observed everything and didn’t like what happened on the pitch at all.

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