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Aymen Barkok saves children’s lives with surgery funding



Aymen Barkok saves children's lives with surgery funding

Aymen Barkok from FSV Mainz 05 financed the urgently needed operations for two seriously ill children from Morocco, probably saving their lives.

“Being healthy is a privilege and unfortunately anything but a matter of course. It was terrifying to hear what the two have had to go through at their young age,” said the midfielder.

Imrane suffers from a complicated heart disease, with the orphan Hasna, part of the stomach grew outside the abdomen. Since the children could not be treated due to the high costs of the operations, their condition became life-threatening.

Together with the BigShoe aid organization, Frankfurt-born and former Eintracht professional Barkok took care of the operations. The interventions he paid for were successful on Tuesday. “It’s a relief for me that everything went well,” said the 25-year-old Moroccan international, who was in the clinics in Tangier himself.