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BVB: Referee Sascha Stegemann admits mistakes: “I feel crappy”



BVB: Referee Sascha Stegemann admits mistakes: "I feel crappy"

Referee Sascha Stegemann admitted his clear mistake in the Bundesliga game between VfL Bochum and Borussia Dortmund (1:1).

“I’m extremely annoyed, I feel like shit. It was a very, very short night, I’m not fine with it,” said the referee Picture– Newspaper on Saturday.

Also in an interview with WDR 2 Stegemann (Niederkassel) allowed a look inside: “You get up with a bad feeling because you’re angry that you didn’t make the right decision in a scene.”

In the 65th minute, Stegemann had overlooked a clear foul by Bochum’s Danilo Soares on Karim Adeyemi in the penalty area. “Looking at it, it’s a penalty in the situation with Adeyemi for BVB. I didn’t see it that way on the pitch,” he said. It gave him the impression “as if it was a wanted contact and penalty,” explained Stegemann.

He defended the video assistant Robert Hartmann. Hartmann watched the scene, but didn’t see any obvious wrong decision. “As a referee, I have the right to solve the scene on the pitch without using the video assistant unnecessarily,” said Stegemann.